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Consumers Aren't Cutting Back Much on Pet Care, Despite Recession, Survey Says

National Report -- Most pet owners (85 percent) are not cutting back on pet spending despite the recession, according to a new poll from the Associated Press and
What's the bad news? Of the 15 percent who say they are cutting back on pet care, nearly half are deferring routine visits to veterinarians. One in five of those respondents said they are putting off veterinary visits for serious problems. One in four said they are considering relinquishment of an animal because of financial difficulties.

The poll tapped the sentiments of pet owners regarding the recession and their relationship with the animal.

Other findings:

* 67 percent say they can comprehend their pet's "language.”

* 62 percent think their pet understands what they are saying.

* 48 percent of dog owners planned to buy a present for their pet this holiday.

* Only 28 percent of cat owners planned to splurge on a gift.

GfK Public Affairs & Media conducted the Poll in early December. The poll measured responses from 1,129 randomly chosen pet owners.

Officers: Pierced 'Gothic Kittens' Marketed on Web

WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania - Officials say a woman marketed "gothic kittens" with ear, neck and tail piercings over the Internet.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals removed three kittens and a cat Wednesday from a home outside Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Officer Carol Morrison tells the Times Leader newspaper that the society got a tip that the woman was selling the pierced kittens on the Internet.

Morrison says, "It's unbelievable anybody would do this to kittens."

Charges are likely against the homeowner, whose name was not released.

Morrison says the woman has a pet grooming business in the basement of her home.

People Look for Same Qualities in Pets and Partners
The Telegraph (UK)

Pet owners look for the same qualities in a pet as they do in a human partner, according to research.

An online poll by pet charity The Blue Cross showed that of the 2,442 pet owners surveyed, 71% said loyalty is one of the first qualities they look for in a pet, while 90% of women also look for this trait in a partner.

Overall, pet owners prioritise loyalty, an affectionate nature and dependability in both a pet and a partner over other qualities, such as good looks, humour and confidence.

Some 86% of women said that they look for an affectionate nature when choosing a pet, closely mirrored by 81% of women who also look for this in a loved one.

Steven Broomfield, who works at The Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria said: “These findings should give hope to people looking for someone to love this Christmas.”

The survey also indicated that younger pet owners tend to look skin deep when choosing a pet.

Those aged 16-24 are twice as likely to opt for a pet based on its looks than those aged 55 and above, who are more likely to choose a pet for its affectionate qualities.

Regional findings show that where we live also has a bearing on the type of pet we choose. Londoners are the most feline friendly, with 65% owning a cat, while pet owners in Yorkshire are the most likely to own a dog.

The 2008 Blue Cross Pet Census also showed that this year 76% of owners will give their pet a Christmas present, making them twice as likely as friends to receive a Christmas present from us.

A third of people surveyed said that they sign their Christmas cards from their pet.

The Pet Census is an annual survey undertaken by The Blue Cross to understand the relationship that people have with their pets.

The Blue Cross provides practical support, information and advice for pet and horse owners. Through its network of animal adoption centres it rehomes thousands of animals each year and its hospitals provide veterinary care for the pets of people who cannot afford private vets’ fees.

Heated Dog Beds - A Great Way to Beat Arthritis in Dogs
By Ian Patterson

Arthritis in dogs is more common than one may think. It is one of the most common health problems seen by veterinarians. Unfortunately, dogs that suffer arthritis are unable to tell us about it.

Arthritis in dogs is quite common in older dogs, and it is more noticeable in the larger dogs than in the smaller ones. That does not mean smaller dogs do not suffer joint problems, it is just more pronounced in the larger breeds. The larger dogs have greater difficulty moving around than the smaller ones when affected by arthritis. It is important for dog owners to be observant of their dog's behavior and recognize the symptoms when their pet is ailing.

Your dog may have arthritis if you notice:

Your dog is favoring a limb
Your dog has difficulty sitting down, getting up or standing
Your dog sleep more than usual. Animals reduce their metabolic rate to reduce pain.
Your dog appears to have stiff or sore joints and difficulty in walking.
Your dog doesn not want to jump, run or climb stairs anymore
Your dog is gaining weight due to less exercise
Your dog is less active or less interested in play

Unfortunately the early warning signs of arthritis in dogs are rarely noticed by dog owners and veterinarians because animals have the tendency to ignore the discomfort until the arthritis affects the joints significantly. Arthritis in dogs can be very difficult to diagnose since the dog may not limp or appear to be in pain. Arthritis causes swelling in the joints and movement becomes restricted.

Joints have a susceptibility to any number of diseases, including arthritis. Any damage to a joint may produce arthritis. It can occur in any joint but is seen most often in the hip, elbow, knee and stifle.

It is important for your dog to rest comfortably on a bed that will help to ease the discomfort. Heated dog beds are great for dogs with arthritis or older dogs suffering from other aches. There are few better methods of letting your dog sleep off the pain than with one of these beds. Heated dog beds are equipped with built-in thermostats which allow you to control the temperature and create a snug warm place for your dog to sleep. Many have built-in thermometers that automatically adjust the warmth according to your dog's temperature and the ambient air temperature to provide heat when needed.

I have been using heated dog beds for years for each of my dogs as they have grown older and are terrific for dogs recovering from sickness or injury. Most dogs enjoy cuddling deep into their heated beds when the weather is terrible and the nights are cold. Heated dog beds are a great idea during the winter months.

Heated dog beds have been specially designed to deal with dog's nails and claws and are very durable.

Contrary to the belief of many people, not all dogs like to be outside and certainly no dog likes to be cold. They suffer from the cold just as we do and suffer arthritis just as we do. Do your dog a favor and ease their joints with warm and comfortable sleeping conditions. I recommend using a heated dog bed.

Ian Patterson has over 30 year's experience with dogs and gained extensive knowledge in dog behavior and obedience training.

For more information about dogs, their behavior and training, visit his website where he gives information on dog behavior, care and obedience training.

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Cats and Dogs - Why Do They Hate Each Other?
By Ashi Mittal

How often have you seen dogs chasing cats? By seeing this one question will be definitely sprouting on your mind as why these wonderful creatures hate each other. There is an intense rivalry between the cats and dogs. They are always seen as animals that hate each other. Actually this is true when the cats see the dogs around they become wild and want to attack them. On the other hand, dogs also rebuke them and bark wildly when they happen to see the cats around.

Dogs are mainly social animals whereas the cat lives a very independent life. This vast difference among their social styles is one of the main reasons behind this intense rivalry. Because of this social anomaly the dog and cat will often misinterpret at the beginning, even if either of two has a friendly intentions in the beginning.

There also seems to problem with the wagging tails of both these creatures. The wagging of tails may mean different things to both of them. To the dog the wagging of tail means happiness whereas to a cat it means displeasure and anger. When the cat rushes to cat, she may misunderstood and interpret as hostility. Likewise, when the dogs see the cats wagging tail, they may interpret as a symbol of friendliness, where in fact the cats are fearing them.

The genetic difference among these two fierce rivals is also one of the reasons for their disliking. Dogs are predators by nature and they generally tend to chase things that more quickly particularly the smaller animals and the cats very much fit in this description. Cats, on the other hand, are also predators by nature and they also tend to display menacing behaviors towards the dogs almost double to their size. In addition the cats will also try to defend themselves and all this leads to the beginning of rivalry.

According to certain experts, cats and dogs also tend to misinterpret each other. If a dog with a friendly intention tries to sniff the cat and the cat unknown of his friendly approach attacks the dog. This aggressive behavior of the cats alters the attitudes of the dogs towards the cats to a point where the dog may appear to hate the cats.

The popular notion that cats and dogs cannot get along is truly fallacious. In fact, they can live peacefully together. This can be achieved once the owners understand the behavior of each animal. Teaching cats and dogs to get along with each other is somewhat difficult task, but it is possible.

Ashi is co-author of a dedicated blog on his pets. You can contact him on his blog

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Dogs Will Be Dogs and Cats Meow
By Orell Senior

Dogs will instinctively try to protect or warn you when there is danger. Some dogs are fearless and will ferociously defend their owners by sacrificing their own lives. Dogs are multi-faceted action heroes. Some dogs are trained to safely guide the blind from place to place, to secure perimeters as guard dogs, to control large numbers of animals, such as cows, sheep, etc. In certain very cold remote areas dogs are trained to haul sledges -- often the only means of transportation.

Dogs do magnificent jobs in Law Enforcement. They are trained to detect cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs. In Forensics, they sniff out bombs, the presence of blood, dead bodies and follow scents leading to the apprehension of many bad people. In the field of Medicine, dogs can be used to detect cancer in human beings.

The list of a dog's accomplishments seems never-ending. It is extraordinary how proficient dogs can be and this is shown in many different ways.

Each and every contribution dogs have made to help mankind is remarkable and I could go on and on. However, a Dog's role as a pet is undoubtedly the greatest of all and will remain unsurpassed. The lives of many dog owners would be incomplete without their dogs. Dog-gone it.

Dogs are loved. They are indeed man's best friend.

While we celebrate our devotion and love for our pets, there is an issue we should contemplate. Here it is. All animals, dogs and cats in particular have their instinctive behavior which should remain as is, this is just an opinion. We should not strive to modify a dog's natural instinct to bark, or growl or whine, or the cat's meow. Let the dogs bark and the cats meow, this is how they communicate, just as a baby uses cry before it achieves the ability to speak. Let's all join in and strongly proclaim "Pet Power is in the House". Thank you. Thank you.

However, dog training and dog grooming is very important and should be a priority.

Successful dog training is very satisfying. It generates a strong sense of accomplishment which is shared between owner and pet. It is not difficult and the process is very straight-forward. A little extra patience is required and selecting the most suitable training method for a specific dog is a major step in successfully accomplishing the task. Several methods may be used to train a dog. The most popular being the "Treat Reward System", followed by the "Praise Reward System" and a few others. They all consist of simple instructions which are quite easy to follow.

The importance of grooming your pet should not be overlooked. All pets should be groomed on a regular basis and pets with long hair require more frequent attention. Regular grooming not only keeps you and your pet happy as he/she shows off a well maintained coat but it also helps to detect health issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Daily grooms are suitable for pets to protect their coats from being damaged. Long ungroomed hair is unattractive, unhealthly and unsafe. If your dog's hair is not regularly combed and/or brushed, it could quite easily become entangled with objects that the pet come in contact with and result in serious injury. Regular grooming also creates a bond with the pet and also helps to reinforce obedience.

Finally, if you pet barks, growls or whines for reasons that are beyond human comprehension. It's ok, it's alright.

Always remember that dogs will be dogs and cats meow.

Check out for information regarding dogs and cats, including cute dog clothes and charming pet supplies.

I am a 67 year old naturalized citizen from Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, an entrepreneur, a pet's pal and the owner of

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Want a Clear Saltwater Fish Tank? - Try These 16 Tips to Keep Your Saltwater Aquarium Crystal Clear
By Darin Sewell

Keeping a saltwater fish tank crystal clear is not difficult to accomplish. It is not one major thing that will help keep your water clear but a series of smaller things that when combined will keep your marine aquarium water clean and clear.

16 Easy Ways To Keep Saltwater Aquariums Clear And Clean

--Use Filters with very fine filter pads or polishing filters elements
--Use a coarse aragonite gravel substrate so it does not blow around the tank
--Do not use fine sand that will blow around and cloud the aquarium water
--Do not overfeed your fish as this can lead to bacterial blooms and cloudy water
--Keep all your filters clean and operating efficiently so they can filter the maximum amount of water
--Do not buy fish that like to burrow or dig in the aquarium gravel and throw up debris
--Change your water on a regular basis and try to change 20-30% every month
--Use activated carbon to remove discoloration and organics from the water
--Do not overstock your saltwater aquarium with to many fish
--Use a slightly larger then needed protein skimmer To skim the water clear
--Vacuum your gravel when doing water changes to remove settled debris
--Have adequate circulation so debris can be kept in suspension long enough to be removed by the filter system
--Use a Ultraviolet sterilizer to kill any bacteria or algae in the water that can lead to clouding
--Do not over use additives unless you can test for them and are sure you need them
--Use reverse osmosis water to make your saltwater and for any water you add to the saltwater tank to minimize toxins and impurities that are found in straight tap water
--Use a cleaner magnet to clean the inside glass of the aquarium where dirt can settle and look cloudy.

To create a crystal clear easy-to-maintain saltwater aquarium grab a copy of our Saltwater Aquarium Guide. This illustrated guide will show you step by step how to properly set up your aquarium. It's crammed with tips and secrets that the pros use to create stunning aquatic displays! Learn more at

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