Dog People vs Cat People

Cat People vs. Dog People ... They Really are Different

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., Oct 27, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Cat people worship felines like pharos; dog people talk to hounds like people. New research shows that cat and dog people really are different -- in marital status, economic standing and education among other things.
"Our studies have shown that there are some interesting differences between cat owners and dog owners," says James Flanigan, head of marketing at the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). "Our surveys show that single people are more attracted to cat ownership, while dog owners are married with children. While the demographic information is interesting, some of it is concerning, too."
The AVMA conducts surveys of pet owners every five years, and publishes the results in the U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographic Sourcebook. In the 2007 edition, the image of a dog as a family pet is shown to be true: 67.0 percent of dog owners are married compared to 61.8 percent of cat owners, and 52.6 percent of dog owners are families of three or more, compared to 47.0 percent of cat owners.
"One of the most concerning differences among cat and dog owners is cat owners are much less likely to seek veterinary care for their animals, they spend less, and this divide seems to be growing," Flanigan explains.
The Sourcebook shows that 82.7 percent of dog owners made at least one annual visit to a veterinarian, compared to 63.7 percent of cat owners.
As for what is America's favorite pet ... it depends on how you read the most recent pet demographic statistics. There are more cats, 81.7 million compared to 72.1 million dogs, but there are more dog owners, 43 million compared to 37.5 million cat owners. This is because cat owners are more likely to have more than one cat.
For more of these fascinating statistics from the U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, visit
SOURCE American Veterinary Medical Association

Safe Pet Travel Should Be a Treat Not a Trick
Author : Bark Buckle UP - The Earth Times

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Bark Buckle UP recommends that with the
onset of Halloween, loving pet owners treat their animal to comfortable and
proven travel safeguards. "Let's celebrate the holidays safely and
responsibly by buckling-up our pets when driving. Protecting them and others
is a gift everyone should consider," says Christina Selter, Bark Buckle UP

"Seat belts protect millions of people every day," said Christina,
nationally recognized pet safety advocate and founder of Bark Buckle UP. She
buckles up her dog Betty, even if she's just driving to the supermarket. "In
the event of an accident, an unrestrained pet can escape and be hit by another
vehicle, cause another collision, or attack emergency crews trying to reach an
injured party. It only takes a few minutes to safeguard your pet and by
properly securing them, you are protecting yourself, your passengers, and your
pet from injury, not to mention protecting other drivers and first responders
trying to help."

American families consider their pets to be part of their family and take
them along on Halloween so here are a few pet safety tips:

"It's just simply a law of physics," states Selter. When driving 35 mph,
a 60-pound unrestrained dog will have an impact force of 2,700 pounds.
"Imagine a baby elephant riding in your back seat, slamming into your car
seat, windshield or passenger." Even if the animal survives, it can impede
the progress of first responders who need every moment to safely care for
accident victims. Pet restraints offer several advantages -- they help
protect pets in the event of a collision; keep pets from running loose and
distracting the driver; and prevent pets from escaping the car through an open
window or door. was formed to advocate safe pet travel solutions. They
have become experts in recommending pet equipment that helps protect pets and
people during travel. Pet Safety is key to a happy Halloween.

SOURCE Bark Buckle UP Picks Top Pet Gifts for the Holidays

Holiday Gift Guide Features DogTime Editors' Recommendations in Ten Categories, From Eco-Friendly to Charitable

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 28, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- More than half of dog owners buy a gift for their dog during the holidays. (, the #1 online vertical media network in the pet market with 8.2 million unique visitors a month(1), makes it easier to sort through the myriad pet products on the market via its 2008 Holiday Gift Guide.
"Pets are receiving top billing on holiday shopping lists, alongside family and friends," says editor Amy Gurvitz. "Our top picks for the season range from gifts that are good for the environment and your pet to products that benefit pet charities, rescue organizations and shelters with their sales."
DogTime's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide ( includes the top ten dog gifts in the following categories:
Charitable: Many animal charities need donations and the holidays are a great time to support your favorite non-profit. Gifts on DogTime's charitable list truly keep on giving -- first to the recipient, and then to the organization benefiting from the sale, including the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and the ASPCA.
Eco-friendly: The desire to "go green" has impacted the way people shop for everything from clothing to food to cars to pet products. DogTime surveyed the green scene to round up the top dog gifts that are safe for pets and the environment.
Edible: Tasty dog treats may not last long, but are sure to be enjoyed by most any canine. From doggie "beer" to fortune cookies to gourmet biscuits, DogTime has presented a selection of unique edibles.
Luxury: Whether a gift for the pampered pooch or a splurge for a special dog, DogTime's luxury gift picks celebrate couture for the canine set, including a Gucci harness, Louis Vuitton carrier, and a $900,000 dog collar that features an 8.5-carat sapphire and more than 600 hand-set diamonds.
Clothes: Today it seems dogs have as many wardrobe options as their human companions. From designer polo shirts to hand-knit sweaters, DogTime has selected wearable gifts in all shapes and sizes.
Collar and leash: Featuring designs ranging from giraffe prints to polka dots, DogTime's top accessories are sure to impress every pooch at the dog park.
Toys: DogTime's dog toy category is packed with the best toys to chase, puzzles to solve, and ropes to tug.
Big dogs: Gift items from clothing to toys that are customized to fit the desires and needs of larger dogs, including an "I had a nightmare I was a Chihuahua" t-shirt.
Small dogs: Chihuahuas and Yorkies have different needs than their larger dog friends; captured in this list are mini tennis balls, a care seat, and even a dog stroller.
For dog lovers: Whether shopping for a dog-loving friend, or for something for yourself as a gift from your dog, these picks range from cuff links to books to items for the home and are sure to bring a smile to any dog lover's face.
In addition to DogTime's Holiday Gift Guide, the site offers a range of holiday-related content, including how to plan a dog party and Howliday dog cookie recipes.
Facts About the Holiday Pet Market (2):

-- There are 74.8 million dogs in the United States
-- 56% of dog owners buy a gift for their dogs during the holidays
-- In the past decade, dog owners giving pets a gift has increased by 12%
-- The average amount spent per dog gift is $10. More than $400 million
will be spent on dog gifts this holiday season

Sources: 1. Media Metrix 2.0, comScore Inc. 2. APPMA National Pet Owners
Survey 2007-2008

Becca Rosati
415-515-9156 (mobile)


Notes from the CEO: Money Saving Tips for Pet Lovers
Brenda Barnette, CEO of the Seattle Humane Society makes a weekly appearance on KOMO 4 TV News. Her notes from these appearances are an occasional feature on our blog.

Select the Right Pet

food, medical expenses, toys, accessories, training and time.
Smaller pets such as mice and hamsters are much less expensive to keep than larger pets like dogs. The also require less attention.
Consider adopting a pet from the local animal shelter rather than purchasing from a pet store or breeder. They will be much less expensive and you are giving an orphaned animal a new chance at life.


Always feed your pet the correct amount of food. Overfeeding your pet wastes food and may cause health problems that increase veterinary costs.
Buy large bags of pet food versus smaller bags and store in an airtight container to preserve freshness. You may pay up to 40% less per pound!
Use coupons and search the Internet for special discounts and promotions on food and other items you need on a regular basis. You can also call the company who produces the pet food you buy and ask for coupons. They will often send a generous supply.
Take good preventative care of your pet to prevent future health problems by investing in good quality food.

Veterinary Services

Vet fees can vary dramatically. Take the time to call and compare local vet fees. Choosing your vet solely on the lowest prices, however, should be avoided. You want a vet that you can trust with your pet's life. Ask your friends and neighbors who have pets for a recommendation. You can also post a question on Craig's List to get recommendations from other pet lovers.
Get the proper treatments and vaccinations for your pet when they are recommended to keep your best friend healthy.
When your pet gets sick, take care of them right away to help prevent costlier treatment in the long run.
Brush your pet's teeth. If you get in the habit of brushing your dog's teeth, and keeping plaque off, then you dog will not need a dental cleaning as often. Dental cleanings also require your dog to be anesthetized, which presents some risks.


You can make toys--a tennis ball (or two) inside a cotton tube sock. If your dog eats socks, this is the kind of toy that requires some supervision. Go to our website, for more toy ideas.
Cats love to chase ping pong balls or to play in a paper bag.
Shop for pet toys and equipment at garage sales or flea markets and get them at a fraction of the price of new items.


If you have a dog, you have an exercise buddy. You can save lots of money by cancelling your gym membership and going on regular walks with your dog. The best part is both you and your dog receive the physical and mental benefits of walking. No expensive equipment required--just grab your leash and go!


Learn to groom your pet yourself. Your local library or the Internet will have information on how to properly groom your pet. Although certain pets need special grooming care, most pets you can groom yourself and save the expense of paying a professional.

Brenda F.Barnette
Chief Executive Officer
Seattle Humane Society

Welcome - Perky Pet™ Launches New Website!

The recently launched web site, formerly under the URL is the new wild bird headquarters for all of your birding needs and questions. From birding tips and advice to an extensive offering of birdfeeders, bird baths and bird accessories – it's all there!

(Vocus/PRWEB ) October 28, 2008 -- The recently launched web site, formerly under the URL is the new wild bird headquarters for all of your birding needs and questions. From birding tips and advice to an extensive offering of birdfeeders, bird baths and bird accessories – it's all there!

Take a Glance to the New!
Bird enthusiasts as well as beginning bird hobbyists, can log on to the new site from their computer for expert information on birdwatching, birdfeeding, and bird conservation. A comprehensive bird library, encompassing a variety of wild birds, hummingbirds and orioles, is now available online as well.

What type of birdfeeder is good for me? What is the best seed to use to fill my birdfeeder? Where do hummingbirds migrate? The answer to these questions and many more can be found at, your #1 wild bird destination. is also the online home of four industry leading brands. Perky Pet™ brand birdfeeders focus on quality and high functionality. Birdscapes® brand represents eye-catching birdfeeders, reflecting the hottest trends in the market. Garden Song® is geared towards the beginning hobbyist, and Avant Garden® reflects designs inspired by both new trends and classic traditions from around the world.

Also, don't forget to check out the eStore, which offers several features for a satisfying shopping experience. To put your mind at ease, all transactions are protected by Verisign®'s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology - one of the most prevalent and secure systems available online. Also, the new site is tested daily to pass the McAffee® SECURE Security Scan. So log on Now!

For more information, please visit: Web Site Bird Library Hummingbird Migration Map
About is Perky Pet®, Birdscapes®, Garden Song®, and Avant Garden® - four strong brands recognized as world leaders in the wild bird feeding category! We offer the broadest and deepest selection of quality bird feeding products at competitive prices. Perky Pet®, Birdscapes®, Garden Song®, and Avant Garden® are registered trade marks of Woodstream Corp.

About Woodstream Corp:
Woodstream Corporation is a long-standing, privately held company and a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality-branded wild bird feeders, rodent control products, caring control products for pets and wildlife & natural solutions for lawn.


Absent-Minded Dog Lover Reunited with Pet
The Daily Times

A Chinese pensioner has been reunited with his pet dog - a month after he left it in his car and forgot where he parked it. Wang Zujun, 80, had left his three-wheeler to be repaired - but then couldn’t remember the name or address of the garage. The garage owner left it parked outside a shopping centre in Chengdu after Wang never turned up to reclaim his car. Local traders kept the dog alive by feeding it scraps of food through a gap in the window of the vehicle, reports the Sichuan News Network. Eventually, as the smell from the parked vehicle got worse and worse, they smashed the lock to try to free the trapped animal. But the dog only cowered inside - so the rescuers instead took documents from the car which gave them Wang’s name and address. The pensioner told them he had spent the last month scouring the city for the car - and his beloved dog - but had been looking in the wrong direction. “Each morning, I would go out and look for them. The tricycle is nothing to me, but my dogs are my only companions,” he said. When Wang was finally led to his car, the dog started barking wildly and, at the sound of his master’s voice, jumped from the vehicle into his arms. ananova

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Dog Coat and Dog Fur Maintenance
Author: John Williams

Your dog’s fur is a very important aspect of your dogs life, keeping it clean and in good shape is a good way to keep your dog happy, healthy, and clean. If you don’t keep your dogs fur in good shape it will only be a mater of time before tangles and knots appear in your dog’s coat picking up insects, pests, and causing discomfort for your dog.

Different dogs have different types of fur and with so many cross breeds and different looking dogs, naming all the different types of fur would be impossible. There are many different types of dog fur, some will look after themselves more than others but the general rule is that a longer dog coat will normally tangle and know easier than others.

To maintain your dog’s fur and keep it looking as it should, lots of grooming may be needed so this should be taken into account when buying a new dog. But grooming does not need to be a chore you have to do for your dog because grooming is proven to be a great bonding between owner and dog and creates trust and comfort for your dog making them a lot easier to train.

Step one is to get a good comb for your dog ensuring that there are no sharp edges and that your dog is comfortable with you using it without hurting him/her. Your vet or local pet shop many be able to help you and give you advice with choosing the correct comb but this will be a deciding point in whether your dog will enjoy you doing it or not.

After you have chosen your comb, grooming should happen often and you should do it thoroughly each time, ensuring all knots and angles are removed, if you haven’t yet combed your dog’s fur then it may be difficult to start so do a bit at a time to ensure you don’t discourage your dog and make them not like the grooming process.

After the initial combing, the more often you groom your dog the easier it will be, leaving it for long periods of time is not advised because this means it is more likely to hurt your dog when it eventually does get done. If your dog is finding it tough going then maybe a dog bath is needed to make it easier to detangle and add to your dog furs health.

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Top Cat Breeds And Tips On Responsible Cat Breeding
Author: Ken Charnely

Cat breeding is not as easy as just letting cats mate. Breeding is not just about choosing cats to produce adorable kittens to earn money. To breed cats is not the same as to produce them. Breeding encompasses that stage.

Breeding cats involves scientific and systematic concepts. Producing cats involves only common sense. Breeding cats has an emotional aspect to it. Fulfillment does not come from mere moneymaking. Sacrifices have to be made to achieve the breeder's goal: to safeguard the welfare of the cats.

A lot of things must be taken into consideration before breeding cats. Here is a guide to help us better understand the dynamic process of cat breeding.

- A cat breeder's concern is the preservation or improvement of cat pedigree.

This is a serious matter. Selection of the parent cats is done on the basis of health, quality traits and reproducing capability. A breeder will never pair cats carelessly.

- A cat breeder is dedicated to learn more about cats.

A lot of things must be learned regarding cat breeding. Latest researches must be employed to properly select the cats to be bred. The welfare of the cats depends on how much the breeder knows.

- A cat breeder makes plans.

Breeding does not involve hasty actions.

- A cat breeder has to follow rules set by the government.

Breeders are obliged to register their cats to their respective breeds. Certain taxes are imposed to hobbyists and to businessmen alike.

- A cat breeder's primary motive is to take care of cats. Monetary motives come after this.

A cat's life is more important than money. And it is more rewarding to see the kittens grow. The money earned is just an additional reward.

- A cat breeder's responsibility to the cats does not end.

His care for his cats does not end when the kittens were sold.

- A cat breeder holds the future of the cat's offspring.

Whatever a cat breeder does affects the life of the kittens, thus extra care must be given by cat breeders when making decisions.

- A cat breeder knows when to stop breeding.

Breeding is not just about having many cats. It is about taking care of all of them.

After learning about these things, it can be concluded that breeding is an arduous task indeed. However, for those who are cat breeders at heart, all these hardships are worth the kittens they bred (not produced)!

Cats are best bought from responsible cat breeders. Hobbyists choose to own purebred cats because their temperaments are more predictable than cats with unknown pedigrees.

If you are getting a cat from a cat breeder, ask him about the number of cat breeds that he has so you can choose from them. Also, ask him how many years he has been breeding cats and whether he can give you a health guarantee and complete papers for the cat.

Top cat breeds:

If you want to show off your cat then it is best to choose from among the top five cat breeds throughout the world.

1. Persian-Persian cats are called Persian for their country of origin. Persians have a long coat, sweet personality and have the ability to blend into the household. These are the qualities that made Persians one of the top choices of cat lovers. However, its long coat requires daily combing to avoid tangles.

2. Maine Coon-These are long-haired cats with good mouse hunting skills. These cats are good companions for children.

3. Exotic-This breed can offer you the better of two worlds. The Exotic cat has the look of a Persian cat, but it has short hair, making it easy to groom. They look like teddy bears with their thick and short coats. These cats are sweet and good companions like the Persians.

4. Siamese-Siamese cats originally came from Siam or Thailand. This cat possesses an aristocratic head, looks almost like a deer because of it's stiff ears, and has a short coat. Siamese cats have long bodies, long legs and long necks.

5. Abyssinian-These cats are very elegant-looking, much like the cats portrayed in Egyptian sculptures. Abyssinia is the former name of Ethiopia. However, Abyssinian cats did not originate in Ethiopia. They got the name because the first cats of Abyssinian breed, which were exhibited in England, were from Abyssinia.

No matter what your choice of a cat breed is, make sure that your cat is healthy and that it has already been weaned. The ideal age to get a kitten is about 14 weeks, when their immune systems are already developed.

Franklin Pet Memorials
“Remember them with a custom solid bronze memorial.”

Contact: Cynthia Linnon
191 Howard Street Franklin, PA 16323
814-346-7205 ph 814-346-7047 fax

New Book Holds Dogfighters, Puppy Tossing Marines and Cesar Millan Followers to Equal Task

Satirist Nola Lee Kelsey takes on more than the commonly touted animal rights issues in new book.

Hot Springs, S.D. ( October 15, 2008 - Today Nola Lee Kelsey's fifth book, "Dogs: Funny Side Up!" will be released, or unleashed, to the reading public. Her collection of no-holds-barred humor essays are based on Kelsey's work from Best Friends Animal Society's ‘Dogtown' to her experiences rescuing Temple Dogs in Northern, Thailand.

Caution! This is not your grandmother's collection of warm and fuzzy shelter dog tales for the soul. Kelsey's satirical wit delivers a wildly irreverent bite to your funny-bone and won't let go! From Dogtown to Bangkok, Kelsey's knack for recounting uproarious, yet bizarrely educational tales, offers readers an outrageously fresh perspective on the world of animal rescue and a life spent among man's best friends.

In "Dogs: Funny Side Up!", Kelsey writes, "After two decades of working at, and volunteering for, every ilk of animal rescue, in addition to attending seminars on founding sanctuaries, and driving past many more, I fancy myself quite knowledgeable on the basics of sanctuary operations. This is precisely why I don't start one."

According to Kelsey, "There is something very freeing about not being associated with a non-profit right now. So often dog writers have to walk on egg shells, in order to not offend potential donors."

About her irreverence towards fans of Nat Geo's beloved "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan, Kelsey says,"I have seen too much harm come to animals as a result of armchair dog trainers attempting Mr. Millan's techniques. I make no apologies for speaking my mind. All I can do is hope that when this bitter pill is sweetened with humor, his followers will swallow hard and step up to reality. It's a TV show!"

Kelsey also feels that her use of biting humor will educate a different breed of dog owner about animal related issues. "Not everyone can handle reading sad tales of abuse or even immersing themselves in page after page of warm-hearted prose. It's worth remembering why we love dogs in the first place. Dog's are just plain fun."

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