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How Your Cats And Dog Can Live Under One Roof
by Jay Schindler

The phrase "fighting like cats and dogs" didn't come up as someone's idea of a joke just for cartoons (Tom and Jerry comes into mind). Dogs are often territorial and will fight not just new cats but other new dogs as well. They tend to mark their territory and will fight anyone who invades their space. Cats have the same tendencies and even if they are smaller than to dogs, they will scratch and fight for their territory.

Most pet lovers who have both a cat and dog have a hard time making their pets coexist with each other. The usual response to this is separating the two pets and making sure they won't meet. This is not really a practical solution to this problem as both pets tend to wander around the house and there will come a time when they will meet. This will also cause a lot of wasted time if you have to allot twice the time for playing with your pets. Another response would be to cage both pets but this method is frowned upon by most pet lovers. The best thing to do is to train both cat and dog to coexist peacefully. In this article is a series of steps to finding harmony between cats and dogs.

Perhaps the hardest thing for pet lovers to do is the introduction. Introducing a new pet requires both time and patience as both cats and dogs requires time to adjust to something new. Both cats and dogs take up to 30 days to adjust. It is even longer if you have older pet, but with proper retraining you can teach your old dogs and cat's new tricks.

The first step is obedience. This is necessary especially for the dog which is usually the aggressor in this kind of situation. You have to train your dog to obey when you say "no". This can be done by showing him some treat and every time he looks at it you say "no" you stop him from eating it. Do this every day and reward him every time he obeys.

While doing this with your dog, make sure the cat and dog are isolated from each other, allowing your cat to wander around the house. Cats love to roam and this will make her scent scattered in your home. After doing this, lock your cat in one room and let your dog wander around the house sniffing for the cat's scent. This will make your dog acquainted to your cats smell and train the dog that the cat is part of the household.

Once you've done this for about a week, it's time for them to see each other physically. This part requires that you have someone to help you. Have someone who can hold your cat safely and that knows how to react quickly and get your cat to safety if the dog is showing aggressiveness. Your part is to be able to restrain your dog and making sure that if he starts lunging for your cat, you'll be there to stop him.

Dogs usually start barking whenever they see some other animals in their territory, hoping to scare them away. They won't really lunge at something immediately. Once he starts barking, this is where the obedience part starts to come in. Say "no" and make him realize that the cat is also a pet.

If your dog starts to calm down when in the presence of the cat, then it's the time to let him sniff the cat. Once your dog starts to decide not to bark at your cat you know that you've done the introduction part successfully.

The final step is making sure that both pets have the time to coexist. This part is usually the cat's fault. Cats have the tendency to be aloof and stay away from the dog and other people. It's not because they are afraid of the dog but more because it's their nature to be alone. Be sure that your dog sees your cat as often as possible. You can allot some time nightly where you can do some activities with both your cat and dog. This will allow them to play with each other and you'll have the confidence that they won't start fighting when they're unsupervised.

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Pet Grooming Franchises are Perfect for Pet Lovers
by Groshan Fabiola

Designer dogs, such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas and poodles are very popular right now with young women because they are adorable, cuddly and funny. But what most of these young women and sometimes men do not realize is that these pets are very hard to maintain, and if the pet's owner does not know how to take care of his or her pet, then they need the help of a professional: they go to a pet grooming franchise for help.
A pet grooming franchise is a great way to be able to combine the dreams of owning a business and a love of animals for many, and there are many cat and dog lovers who are able to meet new animals every day and work professionally to be able to teach new pet owners the best way to take care of their animals in the best way they can.

Owning a pet grooming franchise is perfect for someone who loves animals and is a self proclaimed pet lover, especially if they for some reason cannot have a pet in their own homes. Every day, the owner of a pet grooming franchise can make sure that their customers are happy with their pet's treatment and the way they are maintained is exactly what they want.

When it comes to people buying a pet because they are popular, the owner of the service may become their best friend because they are able to explain how the new owner can take care of their pet in the best way, even if it means just scheduling a grooming treatment once a month while teaching the pet owner how to give the pet daily grooming and proper nutrition and care.

With work, a pet grooming franchise is a fun way to be able to make money while still being able to love what you do.

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Pet Shop Owner Triggers Arrest After Puppy Stolen
By Tony Gonzalez - NewsVirginian

A 32-camera surveillance system and a bit of persistence brought a stolen $800 puppy back to Pets-N-Pals, Sunday.

“We’re really good at catching these people,” said store owner Chris Foschini. “In 19 years in business, we’ve probably had 12 to 15 puppies stolen and we’ve always gotten them back …You can see the [camera] bubbles all over the store, but I don’t know if people believe they’re real.”

Police arrested 27-year-old Christina Burke, of Staunton, about three hours after employees at Pets-N-Pals, 1008 Greenville Ave., reported a Yorkingese puppy taken from the store at 3:30 p.m. Burke faces a felony charge for the alleged animal theft.

Police may not have made the arrest as quickly without Foschini’s own investigation.

He started with the $18,000 camera system the store installed almost six years ago.

Foschini watched the woman, who was wearing a “distinctive” pink blouse and boots with fur on them, walking around the store with the puppy, he said.

“All of a sudden she opens this big purse and walks out the door,” Foschini said. “I’m furious, I just can’t believe this.”

The owner and his wife split up to search for the thief at stores that sell pet food in Waynesboro and Staunton. After nearly three hours of searching, Foschini entered Food Lion on W. Beverly Street.

“And there she is in the checkout line,” he said.

Foschini called police as Burke entered a waiting car. He briefly blocked the car with his own and told the man behind the wheel to stop. The car drove away but was soon stopped by police, Foschini said. The pet store owner said it is the third time his own search has led to an arrest.

“He invested in a decent security system and it’s paid off almost immediately,” said police spokeswoman Officer Lisa Klein.
Burke is free on bond.

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Before Buying Exotic Pets
Author: Carrie A.Hall

Each year millions of family pets are lost, and end up at shelters that have no idea who these pets belong to, or how to contact the owners to return the pets. But, something as simple as a pet tag that you only have to register for once, because the contact information can be updated free for the life of the pet, can almost erase this problem and reunite many pets with their families.

Questions to Ask Before for Buying Exotic Pets

Having a pet has always been found by many to be a life enriching experience. It isn't unusual for people to have a dog or a cat as companions at home. However, there are people who aren't content with the typical animal friends, others want the excitement and thrill that can be provided by exotic pets. Acquiring and maintaining exotic pets are not really that difficult nowadays, but if you are considering to get an exotic pet, you must first ask yourself the following questions:

Why do you want an exotic pet?

Many people consider having exotic pets because it seems to be cool to have one. However, having exotic pets is a serious decision that one must carefully examine. Many exotic pets need more care than typical pets. You should weigh all factors according to your abilities and capacities before getting any particular exotic pet.

Is it legal to keep the exotic pet?

Some animals are prohibited by law to be kept as pets. You should make sure that your area allows people to own the particular species you are eyeing before getting it. Otherwise you might have to give up your pet or be penalized for owning it. What are exotic pets like?

Do you have the capacity and ability to own the exotic pet?

Keep in mind that some pets, like a dog for example, are much more expensive to own than others. It is important that you know what you and your family can do to keep your pet healthy, happy and safe before you make any purchases.

As mentioned, most exotic pets need extra care and attention. You must be sure that you have the time, effort and money to spend caring for the exotic pet. Can you feed it? Can you provide appropriate shelter? Can you afford the health care expenses? Owning pets, especially exotic ones, takes great responsibility, and you must be certain that you have this quality before owning one.

Can the pet live in your area?

Certain pets may be legal in your area, but they may not necessarily be able to live in your home. Some pets might be too noisy or too rowdy to live in apartments and condominiums. Pets usually require a certain amount of space, air, and sunlight to live well and you have to be sure that your home can provide that.

Is the pet safe for you and your companions?

Pets have different levels of aggression and you must be sure that you and the people you live with can cope with the behavioral tendencies of the pet. Some exotic pets might also be poisonous or are prone to certain infectious diseases, and thus you have to make sure that you and your companions can avoid any untoward incidents.

Having exotic pets is a serious matter and you should examine everything before deciding to own one.

Some pets are stolen. A pet thief may snatch Fifi or Fido in hopes of getting a reward for its return, or to use in dog fights (even small or gentle dogs are susceptible - they can be used as "bait"), or for use in cult rituals.

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Pet Pizazz - Gifts For Pets
By Isla Campbell

If you're thinking of buying a loved one a pet for their Christmas present, you may want to investigate the accessory options on the market, from the practical to the unusual.

If you're collecting a canine friend for that special someone the basic supplies required include a lead, toys and chews, and a food bowl along with some food to fill it with! If you're looking for more than just the basic supplies you will be pleased to hear that the market for pet accessories is fairly extensive, meaning you can pick up almost any kind of pet present.

On the more practical side you could stock up on tools for grooming, gourmet foods and treats and all sorts of fun toys to keep dogs happy and occupied. For the slightly more daring dog an array of accessories can be bought.

Designer dog barrettes and luxury bows are available to keep your pet's hair out of their eyes whilst hats, scarves and neckties can be used for similar purposes. Special sunglasses can be purchased to protect dog's eyes from bright sunshine and help them see a little bit better as well as making them stand out from the crowd. Swarovski crystal tiaras can be purchased for pampered pooches and add a touch of glamour to the everyday dogs life. If glitz and glamour are what you're looking for other possibilities include silver bowls and collar charms.

If you are looking to provide gifts for the more fashion conscious dog then hoodies, knitted jumpers and hats are also available to keep four legged friends warm, with standard rugs and coats widely available for the more discerning dog.

Feline friends aren't left out of the equation either and fashion conscious cats can benefit from the pet accessory world too. Beginning with the more practical items; if you're buying friends or family a cat for Christmas you could include essentials such as food and food bowls/containers and grooming equipment. Scratch posts help to keep you cat occupied and help avoid damage to other household items.

Collars for cats are a practical accessory as they contain address details in the event the cat strays and, similar to dog accessories, these too can be as simple or superb as you wish. Sterling silver ID tags add a little sparkle and it's even possible to personalise pet accessories for that extra special gift.

Toys and treats are available for all types of pets so don't fret if it's not a dog or cat you're buying for as there are many options out there to suit whatever the pet you choose.

Reverting back to the practical one last time, it pays to ensure pets are properly insured. You may want to leave this up to the owner themselves but you could obtain a pet insurance quote to help in the meantime and leave pet owners with more time to spend with their new friend.

Isla Campbell writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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