Pet Chickens and Pigs; World's Smallest Cat; Giant Tortoise's and a Canine Carwash

Family Ordered to Get Rid of Pet Chickens

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., May 20 (UPI) -- A Hollywood, Fla., magistrate has ordered a family with seven pet chickens to move the birds out of the city by the end of the summer.

Magistrate Paul Gifford said in his ruling Tuesday that he personally owned chickens until he was a teen, but current regulations state that owning chickens inside the city limits is a code violation, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Gifford gave the Kohn family until Aug. 17 to find a new home for the fowl.

However, Steve Kohn said he is willing to take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

"The notion that people find it odd that I like to keep chickens as pets should be nobody's business," Kohn said. "You might as well be regulating what type of food I eat, what type of clothes I wear and what I do inside my home."

Don't Mess with Mockingbirds
USA Today

If you've crossed a mockingbird somewhere along the way, be careful -- it may have your number.

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that mockingbirds are particularly good at singling out specific people they don't like.

In an experiment at a nesting site at the University of Florida, a human approached and threatened a mockingbird nest four days in a row. Each day, the birds retreated farther and farther.

But on the fifth, when a different human approached and threatened the nest in the same manner, the birds retreated only as far as they had on the first day with the original intruder.

The birds would also sound the alarm and attacked intruders that had previously threatened the nest while ignoring other people nearby. The researchers found that mockingbirds have a "remarkable ability" to distinguish one human from thousands of others, the article says.

What does it all mean? The article says it shows the birds may be better equipped to get along in human-dominated environments than many other birds by their "keen awareness of different levels of threat posed by individual of another species."

Western Pa. City Likely to Make Pet Pig Exception
The Associated Press/

CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. - A southwestern Pennsylvania city with an ordinance banning farm animals is expected to make an exception for a family that has kept a 130-pound potbellied pig as a pet for eight years.

Connellsville health officers Tom Currey earlier this month cited Cynthia Oakes, the pig's owner, for violating the city ordinance passed in 1974. Connellsville is a city about 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, in an otherwise rural area.

Oakes says this type of pig is generally recognized as a pet, not a farm animal, noting that former Gov. Tom Ridge set aside a day in 1998 honoring the animals as pets.

Oakes' family has been ordered to get rid of the pig within 90 days, but city Councilman David McIntire says an exception will likely be granted before then.

Information from: Herald-Standard,

Top Five Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains Named

Just in time for summer vacation, has released its list of the Top Five Pet-Friendly Hotels — this time (thank you very much) focusing on budget chains that normal people can afford.

Unlike last year’s list — entirely made up of places in which Ace and I lack the bucks to bunk (The James Hotel in Chicago, The W Tuscany in New York, The Hotel Monaco in Denver, Bowen’s By The Bays in Hampton Bays, New York and the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles) — this year’s is aimed at the “cost-conscious” traveler.

The top honors went to Motel 6, where all 900 franchises allow one pet per room with no extra fees or deposits.

La Quinta Inns & Suites came in second. It allow pets at 99 percent of its 650 properties, according to spokesperson Teresa Ferguson. “People who travel with their pets generally have very well-behaved and well-groomed animals,” she says. Accordingly, LaQuinta does not require deposits, or fees for pets, although they do request a weight limit of 45 pounds. (My dog Ace, at 130 pounds, has yet to be turned away from a La Quinta, and if he ever is subjected to that arbitrary and discriminatory rule, our business will go to Motel 6.)

Also making the top five were Red Roof Inn, with 340 locations welcoming pets; Best Western, with more than1,900 pet-friendly locations, 1000 of which are in the U.S. & Canada; and Candlewood Suites, where pets under 80 pounds are always welcome — provided you pay an extra fee and have you vaccination records available. is a pet website created by NBC Digital Networks, in partnership with Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc.

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Camping and Hiking with Your Pet
By: Deidre Wengen -

My boyfriend and I have been trying to book a camping trip for the last few weeks, but engagements and some less-than-favorable weather has prevented us from going. When we finally do get around to camping our dog, Ozberg, will be coming along for the trip.

One of the things I noticed when looking into camping sites is that many of them either do not allow dogs or have very specific rules regarding pets on the premises. With that said, I think it is important to know where your dogs are welcome and what you should be prepared for when you get to the site.

This list from complies pet-friendly camp sites in Pennsylvania and lists any regulations or requirements you need to bring your pet along. Almost all campgrounds require that dogs remain on leashes at all times and that they cannot be left alone or tied up by themselves. Also, picking up after your animal is always a rule for maintaining the cleanliness of the grounds.

This article from the AAA Pet Book also has a few tips for camping and hiking with pets. Make sure you check ahead of time with your location to make sure they allow dogs or other animals. Also make sure to ask if you will be required to bring any type of paperwork such as immunization records or licenses along with you.

If you are going hiking with your dog, make sure to keep him or her on a leash and stick to the path. It is easy for a loose dog to get lost or sustain some type of injury if he or she isn't being watched properly. It is also a good idea to carry along basic first-aid items incase your dog does sustain a slight injury along the way.

These tips are extremely helpful for planning a fun and safe camping trip with your canine companion. Make sure to check them out.

Dog-O-Matic Washing Machine is Canine Carwash
By Charlie Sorrel -

If you lock your dog inside this terrifying washing machine for a harrowing half hour, it will come out clean, dry and sweet-smelling, and most likely trembling with terror. The rather wonderful machine, worthy of Roald Dahl, is called the Dog-O-Matic. Designed by Frenchman Romain Jarry, the dog-wash will be exported across the pond to pet-obsessed Britain where dog owners will supposedly pay £13 ($20) to wash a little rat-like dog, £22 ($34) for a more reasonable canine and a huge £31 ($48) to clean the kind of animal you wouldn’t want to try to force inside.

Incredibly, the dogs seem to enjoy themselves. Jarry told the UK bunk-mongering Daily Mail that “It doesn’t take long to wash the dog - usually a few minutes. The longest part is the drying. The dogs don’t seem to get bored. They just sit there and they come out clean.”

I’d love to see one of these in action, as long as the dog really is having fun. Apparently it works for cats, too. Yeah, right. Try that without getting your eyes scratched out.

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The Brooke Astor Trial Goes to the Dogs'...Droppings: Legal Fight Over Poop Testimony
BY Melissa Grace and Corky Siemaszko - NY DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS

Brooke Astor's grandsons accused their pop of ripping her off and letting her live in a Park Avenue pigsty Tuesday in a long-awaited battle of New York blue bloods.

"The apartment was dirty," Philip Marshall testified as his father, Anthony, glared from across the Manhattan courtroom.

"And I'm trying to be polite. Very, very, dirty."

The younger Marshall's voice cracked as he described how "terrified" and disoriented his "Gagi" was when he stopped by Astor's apartment in March 2004 with his wife and kids.

"I said, 'Gagi, it is Philip and Nan and Winslow and Sophie,' and she still looked terrified," he testified.

The grandson said he told Astor, "We are family, we love you" and gently rubbed her back.

"At which point she relaxed and squeezed my hand and started crying," he said.

After Marshall finished for the day and walked out of the courtroom with twin brother Alec, who testified earlier, his father and stepmother Charlene stood up and shook their heads sadly.

Philip Marshall, whose charges of elder abuse led to prosecutors filing swindling charges against his father and attorney Francis Morrissey, faces a fierce cross-examination when he returns to the stand today.

The jury will not get to hear how the grandson was appointed Astor's guardian after his dad was booted - or dirty details like how the society queen lived amid piles of dog poop.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Kirke Bartley barred prosecutors from bringing that up.

Anthony Marshall, 84, and Morrissey, 66, are accused of taking advantage of Astor's Alzheimer's to plunder her $185 million fortune. She died two years ago at age 105.

Prosecutors have put a parade of Astor's upper-crust pals and loyal employees on the stand to attest to her senility when she rewrote her will in January 2004 to give her son an extra $60 million.

But this was the first time Anthony Marshall had to face family in the courtroom, and his eyes reddened when Alec, a 56-year-old Westchester photographer, took the stand.

Alec Marshall said that when he and his brother visited at her palatial Westchester estate in 2001 or 2002, she offered out of the blue to give it to them.

"At that point, I knew it was too late for any changes to her will," he said.

A year later, Alec Marshall said, he had tea with Astor.

"She said to me, 'I'm happy,' and then she asked me my name," he said.

During the lunch break, Anthony Marshall had to be consoled by his wife, who cradled his head in her arms. But when Philip took the stand and described visiting Astor's apartment in 2006, his father was dry-eyed and shooting daggers.

"It was not the way my grandmother typically would have lived," Philip Marshall said. "It was just not maintained to her standards."

Some of the windows were wide open and a few of the panes were cracked, he testified.

The Rhode Island college professor said that after his father married Charlene he found it harder and harder to see his grandmother.

He said the first time he learned that Astor's will had been tinkered with was June 24, 2004, when he called on his dad to find out what she was leaving him.

"Charlene did most of the talking," he said. "Charlene said that my grandmother had given my brother and myself $10,000, but my father had managed to change that to $1 million each."

Marshall said he was surprised. "I said thanks," he said.

Birds of a Feather at Mystic Aquarium
By SHARMA HOWARD - Norwich Bulletin

See more than 400 birds in flight through Sept. 13 at Mystic Aquarium's "Birds of the Outback."

The Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration has added feathered friends to their menagerie of mammals and sea creatures.

“Birds of the Outback” has returned for its third summer, and this special exhibit, which opened this month, will be at the Aquarium until Sept. 13.

Visitors can enter a large aviary, where three different species of birds native to Australia are flying free — parakeets, cockatiels and rosellas — totaling 400 birds.

Admission is $3 per person in addition to aquarium admission.

With admission, visitors will receive a millet stick — a spray of tasty seeds that the colorful birds enjoy.

“They’re very friendly, thousands of people come through so they are used to having people and if visitors have food, and if the birds are especially hungry, they will come down. If people hold up the millet stick to them they will inch forward and nibble on it and hop onto you’re hand and shoulder if you guide them onto to it,” said Becky Giantonio, public relations specialist for the Aquarium.

All the birds are in the parrot family, with the parakeet, or “budgie” perhaps one of the birds most commonly kept as a pet.

Parakeets are friendly, curious, and weigh only an ounce. Sometimes these fast fliers travel in flocks of thousands to protect themselves from prey, and blend in with their native environment in bright greens and yellows. A male is distinguished by a dark blue “cere” — the spot where the nostrils are, and the females have a light blue, or brown, cere.

Cockatiels are the smallest member of the Cockatoo family.

These parrots are distinguished by a crest of feathers at the top of their head which bristle upwards when the bird is startled or excited. They are mostly gray in color with white wing-patches and circular orange-red cheek patches. Females are less brightly colored than males, with lighter facial markings and grayish crests. Males have bright yellow face masks with a yellow crest on their head. They mate for life.

Cockatiels travel in pairs, small groups, or often in large flocks, and can reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour.

Eastern Rosellas are medium-sized, colorful parrots with feathers of red, blue, green and yellow. Males are distinguished by their bright red head, breast and under-tail, and white cheek patches. Females are similar to males but are usually smaller in size with duller plumage on their head and breast. The birds mate for life.

Rosellas are found in pairs or small flocks, sometimes gathering in larger flocks of up to 100.
They have a distinct call of screeches and bell-like whistles. They chatter to each other while feeding.

If you go

What: “Birds of the Outback,” a visiting exhibit that features 400 different parrots native to Australia in an open, interactive environment.
When: The exhibit is currently at the Aquarium, and will remain until Sept. 13. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: The Mystic Aquarium & Institute of Exploration, 55 Coogan Blvd., Mystic.
For more information, visit or call (860) 572-5955.

Is This the World's Smallest Cat?
Jill Rosen - Baltimore Sun

Bitsy is certainly one teeny, tiny, itty, bitty kitty. But is she the world's littlest? Her owners, who live in Penscola, Fla., are trying to find that out and are in talks with Guinness World Records. The black and white wisp of a cat is 1.5 pounds, six and a half inches tall and 18 and 3/4 inches long.

Is there something wrong with that cat? Seems off balance...and the back legs are weak. Does this cute little thing have a neural disorder? Cute as all get out anyway...

Posted by: Carmen In Texas

Poor baby. Bitsy looks very unhealthy with a poor coat, runny eyes and a definite lack of coordination. It's unfortunate this little kitty is being shown for the purpose of gaining a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Posted by: SherLP

It looks like a Cerebellum Hyperplasia kitty. Cutie.

Posted by: KIC

Take that cat to a vet! The little cat looks sick! It's disturbin to see humans who do anything to be in the media,at the expence of a sick little cat.

Posted by: Eva

It looks like the kitty has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. We have a cat that also has it and is about that size.

I agree SherLP; it is too bad that some people are so desperate for their 15 minutes of fame that they resort to doing something like that.

Posted by: Michael

Definitley looks like CH, hopefully they can check out and learn more about it.

CH kitties can live very happy lives and even though they look sad because they fall a lot, they are so sweet and again so happy. Their personalities just shine.

Posted by: Jennifer

She's a rescue stray. The people are trying to HELP her. She was just recently found.

Posted by: Jamie

I thought Guinness had stopped supporting records such as this because it encouraged irresponsible owners to withhold nutrition from their pets? The last thing these people should be thinking about is a world record--that cat is sickly and needs veterinary treatment and time to heal and put on weight, not time in the spotlight.
And by what definition is this the world's smallest cat? Kittens ARE that small, especially if they haven't been getting proper nutrition. It's very irresponsible of CNN to cover this as news.

Posted by: carli

The negative comments surprise me. Some just don't like cats or people who love them. Thanks Jamie for the sanity. I would love such a special tiny cat. If it were mine I would proudly show it off and share it with everyone who might also love it, just as I do with the cats I have.

Posted by: geo

I also read somewhere else that this was a stray that was just recently found. I think that explains why it's potentially malnourished and sickly.

Posted by: annie

I am the owner's daughter. Bitsy has been seen regularly by our veterinarian since she was six weeks old. She is now nearly 14 months old. She eats all that she wants to, several times a day. Her eyes are NOT runny, though her coloring may suggest that to the camera. We know that Bitsy is not 100% healthy, but we do all that we can to give her good quality of life and to keep her as healthy as possible. She is a very special cat who is great loved by her human family.

Posted by: Auriette

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Answers to Your Pet Questions
Dr. Sayles -

(WXYZ) - They are our furry family members and we do our best to protect them. But, sometimes we have questions that need answers. You asked and we had a well-known veterinarian provide expert answers.

Veterinarian Patrick Sayles from VetSelect in Novi provides insight that can help many pet owners with similar questions.

Viewer asks:
Are the inexpensive dog food brands safe?

Dr. Patrick Sayles Answers:
There are 3 types of dog food. First is the generic no brand type (white bag black letters) not use it!!! Second are the national brands like Purina, Alpo, Gravy Train, etc. These foods are ok for your pet but remember that they are price sensitive, which means they would rather change their formula(corn/soy/wheat/etc) then change there price as the market prices change. So one bag this month might not have the same formulation next month. This can cause intestinal upset in some pets. The third type is your premium brand (Science Diet, Eukanuba, Pro Plan, etc). They generally use higher quality products and would rather change there price then their "secret formula". I advise clients If it is from the 2nd or 3rd category and their pet eats it and digests it well and they are looking good, then it is a good diet for their pet.

Viewer asks:
Several times a week, usually in the morning, my 16-year-old kitty appears to be chewing on something, but there is nothing in her mouth. Whenever she does this, she refuses her food. Eventually, she will throw up and a few hours later she will begin eating again. What, if anything, can I do to help her?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
She needs to be examined by her vet. Dental disease is very common in older felines, but at this age other problems can be at play too! After a complete physical exam and most likely some blood tests and/or x-rays a diagnosis can be made. Without a diagnosis, it is difficult to tell you a treatment!

Viewer Asks:
What are the recommended vaccinations for adult indoor cats? I worry about too many needless shots.

Dr. Sayles Answers:
Your vet should do a "risk assessment" for your pet. If it is truly an indoor pet, all that would be needed is the "core" vaccinations. This would be a rabies and DRC vaccine. There are many other vaccinations for cats, but I agree that it is not in the best interest of the cat to get everything in the vets fridge!! That is why it is important to discuss this (risk assessment) with your vet. Over vaccination (vaccinosis) can cause health problems, but under protecting a cat who is at risk is also a problem too.

Viewer Asks:
I was recently told that soy is not good for dogs. And that lamb and chicken are good but beef is not. I am referring to these products in dog food, not 'people food'. Is this true?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
Every pet is different, but more food allergies have been linked to beef and soy than other foods. Please refer to question #1 if your pet does not have food allergies.

Viewer Asks:
This is a dog urine question. A friend wants to know if giving your dog the tablets to break down the urine acid concentration for results to not having burned out grass from dog urine. Would you recommend giving the dog these tablets? Are you aware if these tablets actually work to break down the urine concentration?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
No!! I have not seen any of these tablets work and some may been harmful to your dog. (high salt products that coerce your pet to drink more to dilute the urine) The reason the grass dies is that some dogs urine is VERY concentrated (especially young to middle age pets because there kidney function is so good). This very concentrated urine is like putting a hand full of fertilizer in one spot on your lawn. The area in both will "burn/kill" the lawn. This is especially true in female dogs who tend to deposit all their urine in one spot. Your best remedy is to have a large cup of water with you and when your pet voids urine, pour the water in that spot to dilute it so it won't burn the roots.

Viewer Asks:
Are Cocker Spaniels subject to warts? And are they dangerous? Should they be removed? by a vet?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
Many small breed pets get adenomas (commonly referred to as warts) as they get older and Cocker Spaniels especially so. Most of these are more cosmetic than a health issue. some can get very large and bleed , or get into areas pets can chew and make bleed, or are frequently cut at the groomers. These are easily removed in many pets with a local anesthetic and a laser. Some locations or pets temperments will need a general anesthetic though and can be combined with a teeth cleaning that many pets are over due for.

Viewer Asks:
I know many owners with Blue Dobermans have my same problem, meaning loss of coat. I am told to buy high protein food, but it is not doing anything.

Dr. Sayles Answers:
The diet is not the answer unless there is a food gallery too. These dogs have "Blue Doberman syndrome" and it is a genetic condition seen in this color and some other color of Doberman that are not black and tan. This occurs due to the hair follicles being dysplastic (abnormal) and thus dying earlier and being more course and brittle than it should be. There are no cures for this problem but many pets can be managed with special shampoos and rinses and some fatty acid supplements. My advice is to have your pet's thyroid tested as well, many Dobermans are hypothyroid (low thyroid in the blood) and this can worsen the condition. A thyroid supplement is easy to do and will help not only your pet's coat if it is needed, but also many other areas of it's general health.

Viewer Asks:
What kind of dog food do you recommend for a Yorkiepoo? Also, is it safe to give your dogs pig ears?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
The diet information is above, but whether you need a puppy/adult/senior/less active food depends on your pet's age and general health exam results. Pig ears are ok, but they do contain alot of calories!! As long as your pet is not overweight and does not have digestive upset when eating them, they are ok in moderation. I do not recommend any hoofs or bone for pets though!!

Viewer Asks:
I have a 140lb black lab named Elvis. I know he needs to start eating diet dog food, but I don't want him to reject the diet dog food because it tastes bad. What is the best tasting diet dog food for large dogs.

Dr. Sayles Answers:
If your dog is healthy (other than obese) the taste of dog food to a pet will very with each pet. The important thing to understand is that he is trying to train you and you mut bee in control of his diet. Food is love in many peoples lives and many people want to share their love of this with there pet. It is a behavioral problem, not a true medical one. You must be strict and include some exercise in your weight loss program. A good goal is 2% of body weight per month. Too rapid of weight loss is not good for your pet. Be sure your vet has tested for thyroid disorders and other health problems before starting on your exercise and diet plan. He/she may recommend a certain food if there are other "issues" than just obesity.

Viewer Asks:
I have a 4-year-old male Rottweiller who will eat anything he can find. I feed him 5 cups of dry dog food a day but he also snacks on stones/rocks, keys,paper, plastic bottles, all the bushes in my yard and just about all my son's toys. I knew before I got him that Rotts are a very stubborn breed but how can I stop this?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
This can be very difficult and frustrating as well as life threatening too. My advice is first to be sure the vet examines him and finds no medical reason for this. Then contact a dog trainer and work with that individual until a solution can be reached!!

Viewer Asks:
I moved in my 2 cats, male and female in with my boyfriend's 2 cats, male and female. My one cat is about 15 lbs and has scared the female cat of my boyfriend's from going downstairs (where the food and kitty litter is). When they come face to face his cat lowers her ears, deep gutteral growls and then he attacks. what is going on? She is peeing all over the place except downstairs. She also won't eat down there either. They can lay on the same bed until my cat gives her the "look". Please advise.

Dr. Sayles Answers:
There is no easy answer for this. The more pets in one area the more likely you may have behavioral spats. Just like people, some pets no matter how long they are together will never get along. You should have multiple litter pans on different levels of the house as well as multiple feeding locations. One thing that you could try is feline pheramone therapy. One brand is FEL-A-WAY and it is a spray that might help with aggression and territory problerms and can be purchaced at your local pet store. There are veterinary behaviorists who might be able to help you too.

Viewer Asks:
Is it okay to only feed your dog(s) chicken and no dog food whatsoever? I have a friend that does this. My vet says this is a no-no.

Dr. Sayles Answers:
No! This is not a balanced diet and should not be done!!! Your vet is right!!

Viewer Asks:
How much is enough food for a dog? I have 3 dogs, Lab, English Springer Spaniel, and an American bull dog I’ve noticed that sometimes it seems that one of the dogs will eat the food so that the others don't get any. The lab and Springer spaniel are medium size 40-50lbs and my bulldog is about 120lbs. how much should each eat in a day to stay healthy?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
My general recommendation for adult dogs is one 8 oz. cup of food per 20# of dog per 24 hours. This is for a normal body weight. Now age and activity level must also be consisdered here as well, but this is a good starting point. I also recommend feeding the dogs seperately so food will not be a competition source for your pets and you know how much each pet is eating.

Viewer Asks:
I have a 7-month-old Golden Retriever & I have a goose that keeps coming in my yard & leaves its droppings & my dog eats it, how do I stop her? Then she comes in & gets sick all over my carpet. Need help Please.

Dr. Sayles Answers:
This will be a difficult problem to stop your pet from doing. It would be easier to try and get the goose out of your area and that would solve the problem.

Viewer Asks:
I have 3 senior rescue dogs (Portuguese water dog, 2 Spanish greyhounds) and wonder which is the best food so that there is great nutrition? Are Senior annual bloodwork necessary, and if so, which tests? The PWD has spinal arthritis causing his back end to give up every so often--what can I do to help keep his pain and motion under control?

Dr. Sayles Answers:
I think you have an excellent question!! In senior pets it is imperative to have twice a year physical exams to detect early changes so they are caught and addressed before a larger problem develops. After the exam, your vet should advise you on specific testing, if a problem is found, or yearly wellness testing to again catch things before they make your companions ill. These tests should include blood work (CBC and chemistry tests), urinalysis, fecal, heartworm and possibly other blood parasite tests. If your pet has a heart murmur (not uncommon in our older friends) and ekg/chest xray and blood pressure should be done too. Once this information is obtained, a recommendation can be made for the best diet for you companions as well as ony other "issues" that the test revealed to help keep your pet happy and healthy in their senior years. As for the PWD with spinal arthritis, there are many nutritional supplements that could be used as well as many excellent prescriptions that could improve his function, decrease his pain and increase his strength and quality of life. The choice of the medications would depend on the results of his wellness tests and hopefully the spinal x-rays that were taken to confirm the diagnosis of his spinal arthritis.

Viewer Asks:
What pet food is safe for my dog and cat and fish? These pets are very important to me and I don’t want them to get posioned from pet food!

Dr. Sayles Answers:
Sorry, can't help you with the fish, for the dog and cat... see answer #1

Pet Tortoise Grows Up to 40kg in S China

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