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Man Saves Dog by Sucking Snake Venom from His Nose

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- A man said he saved his dog's life after sucking venom from a rattlesnake bite out of the animal's nose. Bobby Jenkins said he began feeling ill after getting his dog, Tank, to a veterinarian. He went to the hospital and received a dose of antivenin.

In all, Jenkins needed four vials of antivenin at a cost of $3,500 per vial.

Meanwhile, Jenkins said his dog's head swelled up to three times its normal size. Tank had been bitten after running under some equipment on the family ranch.

The dog also received antivenin and both Jenkins and his dog have recovered.

Freshwater Tropical Fish - Noteworthy and Relaxing Fish You Should Not Ignore!

Freshwater tropical fish can be incredibly attractive to have in the house. These fish are called tropical fish due to they are believed to derive from the tropical regions of the world. At the present, because of hobbyists and breeders, every person can obtain freshwater tropical fish species native to the tropics but born and bred in the USA.

Several pet stores stock up on freshwater tropical fish due to these are exceedingly marketable. Hobbyists and breeders also feel affection for experiment in breeding the freshwater tropical fish. Consequently, this makes them an extremely worthwhile trade.

Compared to tropical saltwater fish, the freshwater varieties are hardier and easier to breed. Numerous of the saltwater tropical fish are in fact shipped from the tropic areas as breeders have a hard time breeding them outside the ocean.

Less Maintenance for Freshwater Tropical Fish

Freshwater tropical fish means less maintenance compared to the saltwater varieties. Salt water habitually gets dirty speedier than freshwater. That is why every person would need to habitually alter the water and make it so that the thickness of the salt is alike to the habitat of the fish species.

Freshwater tropical fish can also live well in a smaller space compared to the saltwater varieties that may get territorial issues with other fish. Professionals do suggest that the bigger the freshwater aquariums, the less maintenance you need to do with it. This is perhaps due to a bigger container can imitate a freshwater pond or lake better than a smaller one.

Freshwater tropical fish aquariums are also less putrid than saltwater aquariums. Regardless of how good the water cleaner system someone has in the tank, the propensity is that the water will begin to have an odd smell after some weeks. Freshwater tropical fish are also more low-priced compared to salt water fish. This makes them perfect, mostly because lots of of the saltwater varieties may die simply in the hands of novice aquarists or kids whom they are habitually purchased for.

If we compare to other pets like cats and dogs, freshwater tropical fish do not need to be walked, bathed or taught perfect toilet training. The fish are also shut in an exceptional space, which means that you do not need to worry about them making a mess in the house or making trouble in the house.

Fun Pet Products For Birds

Birds will generally be kept in cages throughout their life and this environment can seem very confined at times. Birds are very intelligent creatures and some are smarter than others. To keep them entertained, there are fun pet products for birds that will keep them entertained for hours. Some of these items will also help the bird to stay fit and live a happy life.

Every bird has a vain streak in them and many birds will fall in love with their image several times a day. This occurs when mirrors are placed in their cages and many birds will show that they love the new furnishings by singing for hours on end for no apparent reason. Some females are delighted to see a fresh face in the crowd and might think that it is mating season.

Mirrors come in many settings and the most common is a mirror with a perch attachment. Some of the mirrors will come with openings that can hold a small amount of food and with the small beads that are placed across the bottom of the mirror the bird will have plenty of opportunities for playing throughout the day. Some peck the beads and move them back and forth, and larger birds will use their feet at times to move the colorful objects.

There are many toys that make excellent pet products for birds that are active for the better part of a day. Some birds are not concerned with toys because they have poor eyesight and are content to feel a strong perch under their feet. The toy products offered to birds can keep them fit with very little effort by the bird. Other birds are quite inquisitive and will devote many hours to seeing what else the toy will offer them in the manner of play that they are interested in doing.

Some bird pet products allow a bird to dangle on branches just as they would in their own bird habitats in the wild. Parrots are famous for trying out new toys by hanging upside down and using their beak to grab hold of a rawhide chew with a bell attached to it. These large birds are not afraid of metals an will tap the bells a lot and to some pet owners, these sounds might become quite irritating.

Many birds are quite capable of climbing stairs and will spend many hours playing on them. These are pet products for birds that have a high activity rating and carefully trimmed nails. These stairways do not have to lead anywhere in particular because birds get a lot of enjoyment just climbing up and down on them. Some models will offer a bird a reward if they climb to the top properly to receive it.

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More Auto Insurers Are Going to the Dogs
By Kathleen Gray, USA TODAY

At least four U.S. insurance companies offer at no additional cost coverage of $500 to $1,000 for pets injured or killed in car accidents.

Saikou and Kozette are as safe as dogs can be when they go for car rides. The border collie and boxer are always strapped in tight, says Lonnie Olson, 55, of St. Helen, Mich.
Still, Olson says, when she heard that the auto insurance policies offered by Progressive now include coverage for pets injured in vehicle crashes, she decided to move her business to the company.

"Any company that supported animals like that, I wanted to support," she says. "I just hope I never have to use it."

At least four U.S. auto insurers have added — at no extra cost to customers — coverage of $500 to $1,000 for pets injured or killed in car accidents.

With 196 million licensed drivers nationwide, according to the Federal Highway Administration, "it's very competitive," says Lori Conarton of the Insurance Institute of Michigan. "If other companies find that people want this type of coverage, they're going to want to start offering it, too."

Progressive, the third largest auto insurer in the nation with 10.4 million customers in all 50 states, was the first to offer pet accident coverage in summer 2007, says Miriam Deitcher, the company's director of marketing.

"We did it because we know how much our customers love their dogs and cats," Deitcher says. "At first we provided $500 worth of coverage, but in March, we increased that to $1,000, to make sure we're covering even more."

Auto-Owners Insurance, which has 4.6 million policyholders in 25 states, and Farmers Insurance, with 10 million auto customers in 20 states, also offer coverage for pets injured in vehicle crashes.

"We estimate more than 63% of our customers have pets, and caring for them after an accident can be expensive," says Brian Dwyer, a Farmers senior vice president.

People whose pets are injured in a vehicle accident can file a claim under property damage if their insurance provider does not offer specialized pet coverage, says Krissy Posey, a spokeswoman for Allstate insurance, which does not offer pet coverage. What auto insurance companies consider legitimate property damage differs from company to company and state to state, says Jeanne Salvatore of the Insurance Information Institute. In traditional policies, it wouldn't be unusual for a company to deny a claim of pet injuries based on property damage liability limits, she says.

Gray reports for the Detroit Free Press

On Pet Behavior: AKC Gives Mixed Breeds a Paw Up
Lisa Moore - Modesto Bee

As one of the many owners of a mixed-breed dog, it has long been a frustration that our beautiful, well-trained, one-of-a-kind pets have had few opportunities to show off their abilities in various areas of dog sport.

The Purebred Alternative Listing from the American Kennel Club was and still is available for those dogs that appeared to be a specific breed with an unknown pedigree, but very few avenues remained for the dog clearly of mixed heritage. Since 1884, the AKC has been "dedicated to the welfare, sport and breeding stock of purebred dogs," but times have changed, and beginning in October, mixed breed dogs can receive a registration number along with the ability to participate in some AKC events.

Mixed breeds will need to be spayed or neutered in order to receive an identification number, and will then be allowed to participate in agility, obedience and rally events beginning in April, provided they are stand-alone events. This means that any event that includes an all-breed or specialty conformation show cannot include any mixed-breed events. So don't look for mixed breeds to show up on television during the Eukanuba Challenge or Westminster Kennel Club show; they will not be represented.

Mixed breeds will not compete directly with purebred dogs. They may be judged by the same judge and held to the same performance standard, but their classes and titles will be separate. For example, OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) and MACH (Master Agility Champion) titles will remain for purebred dogs, while mixed breeds meeting the same requirements will be titled as OTCH-M or MACH-M.

The AKC Canine Good Citizen program has long been available to mixed breeds, but soon all of the perks, including a free CGC certificate for those passing the test, a free initial veterinary visit, discounted AKC Companion Animal Recovery Lost and Found service, and discounted coupons for dog supplies will be made available.

Participation in purebred performance events has been down the last few years, and the AKC has readily stated that one of the reasons the mixed breed program was created was to bring new members into the AKC fold, not only to share the knowledge and passion for dogs, but to raise the numbers of dog owners they represent. The larger the number of AKC members, the greater the ability to maintain legislative influence and be a voice for public opinion on important issues.

"Our goal in creating a program specifically designed for mixed breeds is to share our passion for dogs and our sport," said AKC President and CEO Dennis Sprung. "AKC will broaden its legislative influence by representing more dog owners and achieve greater exposure for our responsible dog ownership messaging. But ultimately, the positive developments that this program creates will benefit dogs the most, and this is what we value above all."

Lisa Moore's pet-behavior column appears once a month on the Weekly Pet Page. Write to her in care of LifeStyles, The Modesto Bee, P.O. Box 5256, Modesto 95352.

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The Perks of Using Pet Ramps
By Kim Hillam

It might surprise you, but the number of American households that have dogs averages about 63%, or roughly seventy million families. Are you one of these families? Dogs are not only a great form of protection and security, they're also terrific companions and can be loyal until the end, which could be sooner rather than later if you don't take preventative measures to ensure that your dog remains in top health. This includes the use of dog ramps and steps. You're probably unsure how these items can extend your dog's health, but read on to find out just how important pet ramps and stairs can be.

No matter what breed of dog you have, or how young he is, he is not impervious to joint or spinal injuries that can be cause from jumping to and from furniture and other objects. Of course some breeds are especially susceptible to injury from jumping, such as Pomeranians, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and other breeds that have short legs, fragile bones, or long spines.

No matter what size of dog you have, small dog steps and large dog steps are available to aid your pet in ascending and descending. Keep a set next to your bed, couch, or porch to help him avoid repetitive, harmful impact on his joints and bones. Using pet stairs and ramps can not only prevent an already healthy dog from developing injuries or long-term conditions, but it can also promote healing and comfortable mobility for dogs with pre-existing conditions, such as obesity and arthritis.

There are many stylish dog ramps and steps out there. If you have a breed, such as a Rottweiler or a Pit bull that is more prone to hip dysplasia, then this should be a must have in your home. Apart from hip dysplasia, it will also help those dogs that are prone to spinal and join problems, arthritis, bone wobblers syndrome, bone defects, osteopathy, bone tumors, diabetes, cancer and many other health issues. Vets know what is best for your furry friend, which is why they recommend the steps and ramps for that furry friend.


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How to Best Board Your Horse
By Bryan Burbank

When boarding a horse you need to find a place that will accommodate your horse. It is a good idea to visit several stables before deciding on which one works well for you. You may want to get a recommendation so that you can feel comfortable with the choice you make.

First, pasture board, if cost is an issue for you this many be the best arrangement. Your horse will stay outside all year and be provided with food and water. You may be thinking this is not very safe, but keep in mind horses are herding animals and are use to living outside in the wild. In the event of storms a "run-in" is provided this is a 2 to 3 sided structure for your horse to run in in the event of a storm it may also have a roof.

Second, self board, or as it is sometimes called semi board. This is where you are given a stall and paddock. It is called self board because you are required to take care of the rest of your horses needs. You will supply the grain, hay, feed and turn out, and clean your own stall everyday. This is usually about 1/2 the cost of full board. It can work quite well if you have the time to dedicate to these activities. When considering these arrangements you must consider the distance from your home to see if this situation can work for you.

Last, full board, this is the best arrangement for horse owners who can not make it to the stable everyday. It works well for people with children who use their horses primarily for lessons and training. Full board can be considered the complete solution for the owner who does not want to be responsible for feeding, watering, and cleaning out the stall on a daily basis. These facilities have hired hands to do the work for you. You will only be responsible for calls to the vet, special feed and purchasing special items for your horse. Just keep in mind this may be the easiest way to own board a horse, but it is also the most expensive.

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