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How to Pamper Your Pet
by Ryan Dube

There are few people in the world who understand what it feels like to have a pet in the family who is so loved, and so appreciated by the family that owners want to do everything in their power to somehow express to their pet how much they love them.
Now, it's debatable whether pets have a sense of what it means to love or be loved - however anyone who has lived with and fell in love with an animal knows that animals certainly do feel and express love in different ways. And that love is often deeply meaningful and moving for pet lovers. This article will help those pet owners show their pet how much they are loved, with several unique and fresh ideas to completely pamper your pet more than they've ever been pampered before.

Pet Portraits

There are few more meaningful and heartfelt ways to express your love for your pet than having a painted portrait made of them. Pet portraits can be especially meaningful because when you see a pet portrait on the wall, it is a statement that this animal isn't just "another animal", but it shows that your pet is a loved and cherished member of the family. You can find the best style of pet portraits from Nikky Hughes of Los Angeles. The great thing about these pet portraits is that they can be done from a photograph - so it is possible to purchase artwork like this from skilled artists like Nikky regardless of distance.

Nikky was classically trained at the Mission Renaissance art school. Her art is soft and romantic - with a dreamy quality to them. They are lifelike and impressive representations of everything that makes a pet beautiful in the eyes of its owner. Nikky's art reflects an appreciation and love of animals - and that depth of feeling will come across clearly when you place the portrait of your pet on the wall along with other family portraits.

The aspect of her paintings that truly make Nikky's art stand out from the crowd is the setting in which she places the animals. The surroundings are sometimes whimsical, other times wonderfully surreal, but always intriguing. Nikky's art represents the work of a rising artist, so purchasing one of these portraits would be an excellent investment, and a wonderful addition to your home d├ęcor.

Charms and Pendants

There are very few more noticeable ways to spoil your pet rotten, than to buy them "pet jewelry". While most people think of Paris Hilton and her jeweled pet, or little dog-show poodles wearing crystal collars - there is actually a mainstream market for putting a little bit of "bling-bling" on your dog.

Companies such as offer reasonably priced necklaces, charms and other jewelry made specifically for animals. These include crystal necklaces, pearl jewelry, and collar charms of all varieties. If you want your pet to get noticed - dress them up with one of these. People will be wondering if you are royalty.

Buy Your Pet a Date

Do you think only people use social networking websites to find a date? Well think again - pets get lonely too. That desire for companionship extends beyond the simple biological function of procreation. Even animals that have been neutered still get a great deal of enjoyment and comfort from the presence of another animal.

This is why one of the greatest ways to pamper your pet is to find them a date. Websites abound, such as, which will help you to find your pate a date from your local area. If you think your pet won't appreciate a date - show him a picture or two from the website and see his reaction!

Spoil-Your-Pet Pet Sitting

Think only people find relaxation at a resort? Pets get stressed too...and sometimes the best solution after going through a very stressful time in a household is for you to get away for a while. Whether you would enjoy going to a resort or just an overnight outing somewhere - do your pet a favor and treat them to a Pet Resort.

A pet resort is a kennel service that takes caring for animals to the next level. Pets are treated like royalty with "condo" accommodations that sometimes can include a private room and miniature bed, impressive outdoor play areas, gourmet food, and sometimes even in-room television!

Getting away for a weekend can relieve a great deal of stress in your life - so don't forget that your pet can feel stressed too. Treating your pet to a pet resort can result in a more calm and well-behaved pet when you return home after your vacation.

About the Author
Ryan Dube has been freelance writing for over 10 years for publishers both online and offline and has covered topics including the paranormal, finance, relationships, and more. He owns and operates, an exclusive writing service for publishers and webmasters.

Are You Ready For An Outbreak Of Parvovirus?
by Rae & Mark

Here are a few facts about Canine Parvovirus (aka CPV, Parvo virus, or more commonly known as Parvo) that you might not know about:
1. Problem is, once your dog is infected, there are about 3-15 days where you will see no symptoms, but the virus is consuming large amounts of bone marrow, then moving on to consume and destroy huge amounts of cells in the intestines - a lot of damage occurs at this stage.

2. Once your dog becomes infected and shows any of these symptoms (yellow frothy vomit, diarrhea [with or without blood], lethargy/no energy, no appetite, wobbly, dehydration, very depressed, etc.) then he may only have a few hours to 4 or 5 days left if he is not treated immediately.

3. Dogs can easily become infected in any number of ways, e.g. touching infected bodily fluids (vomit, urine, saliva, etc.), touching waste products (fecal matter), nose-to-nose contact, from your clothes, shoes, car tires, insects, birds, or other critters.

4. Parvo can live in the ground from a few months to as long as twenty (20) years.

5. Parvo is incredibly hardy: it can survive freezing temperatures (32 degrees F or 0 degrees C) and boiling water (212 degrees F or 100 degrees C).

6. If your dog does have Parvo and you take him to the vet, be prepared to spend anywhere from $500 to over $6,000 USD per dog, and your vet will probably only give the dog a 50:50 chance at survival.

7. Currently, the Parvo Hot Spots are primarily south of I-70 (Utah, going all across the southern US states as far as Maryland).

8. Some of the hardest hit states are Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, but almost every US state and other countries outside of the US are beginning to experience Parvo outbreaks too.

Are there any options for a Home Parvo Treatment or a natural Parvo Remedy?

1. The first thing you must do is to get much better educated about this dreadful virus, and you can do this by requesting the downloadable, free, comprehensive ebook, Parvo Treatment 101, from - in there you will find a large section on Parvo Prevention and various methods to treat Parvo.

2. If your dog has started to exhibit any of the symptoms mentioned above, then you've got to move fast, so read the book later and immediately go and look for the Parvo Emergency Tea Recipe - it will not treat Parvo, nor will it prevent Parvo, but it is a stop-gap measure to prevent your dog from becoming dehydrated until you can get a Parvaid Gold or Silver Value Pack.

3. There are other emergency measures which are available that will help to keep your sick dog's blood sugar levels up.

4. If you are going to treat your sick dog in the comfort of your own home, then ensure that when you buy your products (e.g. Parvaid, Life Cell Support and Vibactra Plus) that you are able to get support when you need it - this may be in the middle of the night, if you have an emergency situation on your hands.

About the Author
Rae & Mark have been saving dogs from agonizing deaths by educating pet owners of the dangers that many viruses pose and by providing safe, organic, chemical-free products that effectively treat and prevent Parvo and many other common pet health problems. We specialize in Home Parvo Treatment with our Parvaid Gold & Silver Value Packs.

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