Dogs for Children? Which Ones Are The Top Dogs?
by Dr. Mayra Alfonso

What is so great about having a dog? Well, dog lovers have the answer to this question. Not dog lovers are always wondering about it. For all dog lovers having a little fur ball running around the house and discovering all those new tricks that there are to learn is a lot of fun. Dog lovers also know what with the fun comes tons of responsibilities. Picking the right pet that is a dog good for children is a must.
When choosing a breed to bring to your household, there are many factors you need to take into consideration. What kind of dog do you want? Do you want a friendly dog, or an aggressive dog? Do you want a dog that likes children, or one that don't? There are unfortunate stories of dogs that have attacked family members, including children, and this definitively could be avoided if you choose one of the pets that is known to be a dog good for families.

What is the most critical question a potential dog owner can ask him or herself when considering bringing a dog home? The answer depends on is there are children in the house or not, or if there are plans of having children in the future. If the potential pet owner believe that there will be children in the house in the future, it is important then to consider bringing home a dog good with kids.

One of the most well known family dogs out there is the Labrador retriever. The lab as many called it is a very good natured dog, and in overall have a very good disposition. This breed likes to play and they need a great deal of exercise in order to avoid boredom. This dog tends to be very good with children, and have tons of patience when it comes to the young ones. The Labrador retriever loves to please people and they enjoy being petted and care for. If not enough exercise is provided they could cause some destruction around the house.

The Golden retriever is another dog that is great for the family. This dog is also a big dog, and just like the Labrador retriever is gentle in nature, kind and well mannered. They love to be around people and also need to be exercised to avoid boredom. They are friendly with other dogs and cats, and in overall have a great disposition. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a Golden retriever is that they need to be groom, due to their long hair. A golden retriever is the perfect companion for children and people who are outdoor enthusiasts.

The beagle is another dog that is ideal as a family dog. The beagle is smaller than the Golden retriever and that the Labrador retriever, therefore it is a better option for homes with smaller children. The beagle is a good watch dog because of their wailing bark. So, if you are looking for a good watch dog with is also good with children consider a beagle. They are not aggressive and tend to be very friendly and can be very submissive. They get bored easily so they will need a fair amount of play time and exercise.

Remember that not two dogs are alike, even if they belong to the same breed. You have to be cautious when selecting which dogs you want around your child. This is why doing your diligent search to find out which breed are child friendly and that won't harm you child is very critical to a home with young kids or with the potential of having young kids around. Choosing a dog good with children ensures that you will have a safe and loyal family dog.

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Cat Talk, what Are They Saying?
by Steve Peters

The Purr: Cats (big and small) are the only animals that purr. Why? Purring actually comes from two membrane folds, rather than being voice generated. called false vocal cords that are situated in the larynx behind the actual vocal cords. Cats can make purring noises while both inhaling and exhaling. with their mouths completely closed.Scientists think purring is produced by blood in a large vein in the chest cavity that vibrates and is then magnified by air in the windpipe.
For kittens(who are deaf and blind), the vibration of their mother's purring can be felt, acting as a homing device, a signal for them to nurse. Cats don't purr just for pleasure; a deep one can also indicate pain or distress.

The Meow: There are lots of variations: a short, soft-spoken "mew" is your cat's way of saying "hello", Are you feeling good today?A loud and drawn-out "meo-o-o-o-ow" is a demand for food or attention.

The Ears: There are 5 fundamental ear indications. If they point forward and slightly outward, then every thing's cool. If the ears are erect and facing forward, they're wide awake and my explore the source of something it hears. If the ears are twitching nervously back and forth, they're agitated or anxious.

The Tail: A tail waving quietly from side to side is a sign of contentment or concentrating intently on something. If accompanied with growls, take care! If tail-wagging is somewhere between heavy-duty and half-hearted, this may indicate that your cat is not sure of things. If the tail is leaning forward over the head and looking fluffed up, it means your cat is feeling like the top banana

The Eyes: When your cat looks steadily at you, giving you several long, slow blinks, it's your cat's version of a kiss! Blink back at kitty the same way! If you get on the same level and speak to your cat while sitting on the floor, it will immediately make your cat feel more comfortable.

The Whiskers: They're one of your cat's most delicate sense organs. By bending the whiskers, kitty can magnify the smallest air disturbance.

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Steve Peters is a caring and loving cat owner and owns a number of pet related websites. For more information about Cat Talk you should grab our extensive ten part must have course, filled to the brim with cat care tips and secrets, go to

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