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12 Proven Ways to Introduce Children to Pets
by Steve Pak

Have you ever watched a young child around a pet cat or dog? The scenario is similar whether it happens in Berlin Ohio or any other place in the world. In one single confrontation, the child experiences a rainbow of emotions. Fear. Surprise. Excitement. The child crawls or hobbles towards the animal, reaching out to touch it. The pet's instinct tells it that something's amiss. With a woof! or meow! from the pet, the child's eyes grow as big as saucers. Sometimes the youngster then bursts into tears or retreats from the animal. As a parent, what can you do to introduce your children to animals, in a fun, safe way? Animals create a natural curiosity in children. However, you should slowly introduce your child to a pet, to ensure that your child learns the importance of safety and responsibility:
1. Observe your child and pet closely, whether or not they live in Berlin Ohio, to determine any changes that need to be made to improve the relationship. For example, your dog's nails or your cat's claws may need to be trimmed. In addition, your child may need to learn how to pet an animal.

2. Never let a pet lick your child on the face.

3. Never leave your child unattended with a pet of any kind. This could result in a child disturbing the animal by touching it in a certain way, resulting in a defensive reaction from the pet.

4. Try to settle any animosity that forms between the pet and animal. For example, your child might get jealous when you spend time feeding or bathing the pet. Also, cats tend to be territorial. If the baby is always near you, the feline may feel that the baby has become an intruder. The bottom line is that the both your child and pet need to learn that you can show love to both of them, without neglecting either of them.

5. Never let your pet wander free in a child's nursery.

6. Make sure that you oversee the introduction. While the child may feel that pulling on a cat's tail is fun way to greet it, but Fluffy might think otherwise. By being in the room, you can help to handle any difficulties or questions from your child.

7. Allow your child to help in caring for the pet, in order to teach him or her about being responsible. This could involve feeding, bathing, and walking the pet.

8. Never let your child sleep with your pet.

9. If your child as asthma or allergies, it is not advisable to introduce a pet to your home, whether or not it is in Amish Country Ohio.

10. Have your pet spayed or neutered, so it will be less likely to wander.

11. Teach both your child and the pet to be gentle with the other party. A dog or cat may just be "playing" with the child, but it could unintentionally do harm with its nails or claws. Likewise, the child needs to be taught the importance of being kind to the creature.

12. Introduce your children to toys, such as the Fisher Price See N Say The Farmer Says, to nurture in them a better appreciation for animals. Toys provide a fun, less threatening way for children to be introduced to various types of animals.

You may be hesitant to have a pet in the house if you also have a child. There are certainly cases when it's not practical. However, by using certain techniques, such as the Fisher Price See N Say The Farmer Says, both child and animal can learn to live in peace. They may even become pals!

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Small Tropical Fish: Properly Educate Your Kids In The Care Of Their Pet
by Frank Froggatt

Small tropical fish make great pets. If their are kids at home wanting a pet, think about a small tropical fish in the place of a dog or cat. If space is an issue in your house, small tropical fish require a lot less than other kinds of pets. Small tropical fish can live in a tank in the corner of the room, whereas a dog or a cat need space to roam about. You are not required to give a small tropical fish a lot of attention and they don't make stinky messes that you have to clean up. A periodic water change and a once a day feeding is all they need. To have a thriving fish only food and a clean environment is required,your fish will do very well if you do these things. since it is so easy to take care of small tropical fish your children will have little difficulty in managing it. Knowing how to take care of a small tropical fish is a matter of life and death for your new pet,take the time to learn about your selected species before bringing the small tropical fish home to your child.
Reading a good tropical fish book is a quick and easy way to learn about these things. Be prepared your children are very inquisitive and will ask a lot of questions. Always remember that kids are naturally inquisitive and they like to ask a lot of questions. Make the small tropical fish interesting by answering all of their questions correctly and showing some excitement yourself about it. Engaging you child with stories about tropical fish will really help to keep them interested. An easy to read tropical fish book is a great gift to go along with the new pet if your child is reading. Books with colorful pictures are a treasure for small kids.

Lead your kid to the small tropical fish and peak there interest, if they seem interested suggest to them the option of getting one for a pet. When your child tells you that they would like a small tropical fish take them to the store and let them pick out the one they want. Adopting your first small tropical fish should be a wonderful time for you and your child.

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