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Bring Your Pet On Your Family Vacation
by Joseph M. Sabol

Everyone knows that people consider their pets as part of the family. Now it is becoming more common to include pets in vacation plans and many travel destinations are accommodating dogs and cats. Many hotels, resorts and state parks allow dogs, although there are certain restrictions, for example due to health codes, dogs can dine with their families only at outdoor restaurants or cafes. It is obviously important that your dog is socialized and well behaved, and remember, not everyone loves dogs!
Some of the top dog friendly resort towns include,

Carmel/Monterey, California Asheville/Blue Ridge, North Carolina Portland, Maine Key West, Florida Black Hills, South Dakota Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada Charlottesville, Virginia Cape May, New Jersey and Grand Canyon, Arizona.

These are just a few of the vacation destinations that are pet friendly. There are many State Parks and beaches that allow dogs but they are usually required to be leashed. There are over 200 dog friendly coastal beaches. San Diego is home to Dog Beach where dogs can run free without a leash, as long as they can get along with other dogs.

All dog friendly areas require that dogs are well behaved. When asked, most officials described well behaved as pertaining to the dog and the dog owner. For the dog, this means being calm around many people and other dogs, not barking excessively, not jumping on people and following commands of their owner. For the owner, well behaved means controlling your dog, not allowing him to do his "business" in inappropriate places and cleaning up after your dog.

There are several things you need to do to prepare for a road trip with your pet. You need to be sure your pet has been to the vet and has all his shots up to date. You should have a record of his vaccinations and make sure he is protected from Lyme disease, heartworm and fleas. Remember to pack his pet vitamins. He will need a license and an identification tag with all your information, especially a cell phone number since you will be away from home. It is a good idea to carry a first aid kit specifically for pets.

Make sure you have enough dog food and treats for the trip. It may be a good idea to buy bottled water since some dogs can get sick from drinking water they are not used to. Remember to pack a leash and towels for muddy paws. Also, bring favorite toys and bags for cleaning up after your dog. If you will be staying in a hotel, bring a crate for your dog to sleep in or stay in if you have to leave him alone for any reason.

Most people travel with their dogs, but some cat lovers bring their furry friends along on the family trip. Cats tend to be more attached to their territory so if you intend to travel with your cat, its a good idea to start taking them out when they are kittens. Start with brief trips and be sure to have a quality cat carrier. Have cat toys and a collar with an identification tag. Allow your cat some time to explore his new surroundings.

There are many products available to make travel with your pet easier. You can get car seats or seat belt harnesses for your dog. For dogs who love to go boating, there are doggie life vests. You can buy travel bowls and even portable dog potties and litter boxes. You no longer have to feel guilty for leaving your pet in a boarding kennel while you enjoy a great vacation. Now your pet can enjoy the family vacation with the famiy.

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Putting a Leash on Veterinary Costs
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DOGS: Donations of Dog Leashes and Collars Wanted

Michelle Young (owner) at Animal Talk Rescue in the Roosevelt District is looking for donations for her second trip next year with the feral spay and neuter program when they do another special S/N in Mexico. It happens next April. The area they work in is very poor and the dogs have many health problems (including a blood parasite that prevents clotting so surgeries must be done very quickly in primitive and hot conditions).

Specifically needed are quality dog collars and leashes (they can be used, just good condition--don't want anything that is going to break, for instance). The area is so poor that the best they were able to find the last trip was a rough old rope and some of the locals only had wire with which to bring in their dogs (Michelle would of course note at this point how very poor the people are and that they give as much to their dogs as they do their children--just that there isn't much for either).

Michelle Young
6514 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, Washington 98115
Phone: (206) 526-1558

Here is the website

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Five Simple Ways to Train Your Puppy. Have Your Puppy Begin Training Before 12 Weeks of Age.
by Annette Masse

In the past, a dog had to be at least 6 months old in order to begin a training class. Some trainers used to think that even a one year old puppy was too young. Most people now believe that the first few of months of the dog's life is the critical, ideal time to start training.
The following are possible reasons:

* Puppies are learning new things each and every day.

* They are naturally curious and will learn, regardless of being purposefully taught.

* Puppies learn quickly because they have no other experience with the situation and, therefore, don't have any experience on how to act.

* Puppies are very accepting and can be trained to be well-behaved pets.

While there are many different ways to train a dog, I usually select the one that is most humane to the animal. In order to keep this article short, a quick overview is given below.

1. Opportunity training: You introduce a puppy to training without the puppy realizing that he is being trained.

2. Attention Training: Before giving a new command, I wait for the puppy to be doing what is it I want. I introduce the command "watch" while he is watching and waiting to get his reward. The puppy needs to be rewarded instantly, because he has a short attention span and will not remember what the praise was for otherwise.

3. The Sit: Kneel on the ground and encourage the puppy to pay attention by allowing him to sniff the treat in your hand. Hold your hand over the puppy's head. The puppy will then sit, since it is easier to look up at the treat from the sitting position. Give the sit command and then praise the dog only when he is sitting. Repeat several times.

4. The Down: Start off the same as you did for sit. Use your open hand to cover the food this time. The puppy will do many things to try to get the food. He is not able to see it; however, he is able to smell it. He will try to push your hand with his nose. Eventually he will realize that laying down makes this task much easier. When the puppy lays down, tell him "down", then reward with a treat while he is in the down position.

5. The Recall: For the safety of the pet a recall or "come" command is important to the training. This can be taught in conjunction with the sit command and the down command. Have someone restrain the dog while you kneel on the ground. Walk a few yards from the dog, then sit or kneel on the ground. To get the puppy's attention, put both hands out in front of you. Issue the command for "come". Have the helper release the dog once you have its attention. While the puppy is running, command "come" with an encouraging tone. Once he successfully reaches you, give him his rewarding treat. Do not make the puppy sit or lay down simultaneously. Do one exercise at a time, and constantly repeat it until he has mastered it.

I has been proven that even extremely young puppies can learn a lot. With proper technique and an encouraging attitude, puppies can learn quickly. Building a bond between the pet and owner, as well as, building confidence, is the main reason behind this type of training. One should always keep this in mind. Training should be conducted in a fun and relaxed setting. This will keep the puppy content and make him WANT to continue to learn.

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For more information on this topic and more. Please take my complimentary mini course for you and your dog at the URL below. Annette Masse has been loving and respecting dogs for 25

Readers Share More Whimsical Pet Names
Dallas MorningNews

Dear Readers: We have another set of pet names for you:

• Virginia Harris of Falmouth, Maine: "Our long-haired Chihuahua is named Spec. He received that name because he was too small to be called Spot."

• Norma Butler of Fort Wayne, Ind.: "I have two beautiful long-haired dachshund companions named after country-Western singers. They are Willie and Waylon. They are well-known in my neighborhood as the Outlaws!"

• Kare K. Kelsven of Englewood, Fla.: "My cat's name is Madam, since I always wanted to be the owner of a cathouse!"

Thanks to all the readers who took the time to drop us a pet name – it gave us lots of smiles and laughs! Heloise

Dear Heloise: We read your comment about the importance of cleaning out a birdhouse.

A friend of ours made us a birdhouse in the shape of a church building. My husband took the bottom piece of wood off the house and put a hinge on one side of the bottom, with a hook and eye on the other side. Now, once the birds are done having babies and then when they leave the coop, he just unhinges the bottom. He can remove all accumulated grass, leaves and feathers, and the house is ready for the next family. We have a houseful nearly all summer long. What a joy to hear the chirping and watch mom and dad flying back and forth to take care of their children.

Inge and Clair Geiger,

San Antonio

Write to Heloise at P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, TX 78279, or fax to 210-435-6473. E-mail


Discover the hidden secrets dog trainers don't want you to know" and how to plan a healthy diet
by Aaron Rivera

Every dog trainer has a real passion for K-9's and the yard. It's with good reason I train dog's.....the flair and dedication has become known as a every day life style surrounded by our friends the animals I care for most.
As a professional dog trainer I've found many great techniques that encourage my canines to work harder and learn obedience. A day at the kennel is forth coming every single canine has a set schedule for him or her. These dos have a to learn the how to live earnestly and be good companions moreover learning how to protect their owners . It is very true how to train dogs is a well kept secret.....No matter which breed. In reference you can imagine how many different breeds their are. In general my kennel has a list of different dog breeds.

List of dog breeds in our high tech canine breeding and training facilities located in the pristine woods of mother nature the path to dog freedom from hostile living.

Here are the many breeds

* German Shepard's

* Labradors

* Collie

* Police Doberman

* Police Dogs

* Rothwiellers

* Huskies

* Siberian Huskies

* Chows

* Akita's

* Fire Dogs Dalmatians

* Golden Retrievers

These are just to a few names of canines at the kennel. Every sine dog has its very own training regimen. Every breed is trained per breed. Another dog trainer secret is the time of day to feed them. Concerning pet food as a need and absolute nutrition diet plan feeding the correct pet and agility formulas are also very essential to a dogs ability to focus and learn obedeince. Feeding is essential and nutrition is even more important canines need a well balanced diet in order to perform at optimal levels. Treating your dog to a better quality of dog food doesn't specify you're affordabillity" reason is the better the food the less times you visit you're veterinarian. our dog shelter and dog training facility features an array of high grade premium pet foods that are all used as a daily dog food diet regimen. Concerning your dog breed and personal preference of dog food we recomend the the two to p selling pet food given to champion dog breeds through out th regions. Many dog owners prefer to cook meals and then pack them away to feed through out the months forth coming.

By feeding Flint River Ranch quality products, you will be able to see the difference in your pet's health, skin, coat, energy level and quality of life-style.

Our training facilities know which types and brands are best for feeding champion breeds. All dog owners no matter type of pet you have will benefit from eating a healthy diet. Begin by training your canine to eat healthy dog foods soon they will reap all the major benefits of having a healthy well maintained body.

The top breeders work together with dog trainers in an attempt to keep the dog business together and make the pet business more abundant. We as members of the club can bring more to the table simple comments about your thought on dog trainers can really help the dogs we care for the most. As a dog trainer I highly recommend that you try "Flint River Ranch and Life's Abundance Premium Natural Only Health Food for Pets"

Flint River Ranch and Life's Abundance health food for pets have the best pet foods on the planet and they should reason it is human grade.

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