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Fleas, Ticks and Mites, Oh My!
by Garry Neale

External parasites are common among most dogs. An external parasite is an insect that lives off the blood supply of the host. The common parasites found on dogs are; fleas, ticks, mites and lice.

Fleas are parasites and derive most of their food supply from their hosts. Fleas not only feed off dogs, but will bite just about any other mammal they come in contact with, including humans. A dog that has a heavily infestation will scratch themselves constantly which leads to other secondary skin problems. Fleas are also a host for and infect your dog with tapeworms, an internal parasite.

When fleas are fall off or are removed from a host for a period of time, they don't have a food source. As a result, the hungry fleas will attack the first warm-blooded creature that comes near and often times, this mean biting people. The adult fleas live on blood and must have a blood meal in order to reproduce.

In order to get rid of fleas some people try using a flea comb, but this is not very effective and it's also very time consuming. Most dog owners prefer to use a flea shampoo to attack the problem. Shampooing your dog also gets rid of the skin flakes that fall on the ground and act as food for the flea larvae. Flea collars and topical medications are not as effective as shampooing or dipping, but have been shown to help prevent re-infestation.


Dog ticks are another parasite that feeds on blood. Dogs usually get ticks from bushes and shrubbery. These ticks are usually found in the ears, around your the neck or in the creases on the inside of the leg. The ticks can be removed with a pair of small tweezers, but try not to crush the tick while removing as this may cause its saliva to enter the dog's body, creating a possibility of skin irritation or infection. Remove the parasite as gently as possible.

The dog tick is the primary carrier of diseases like canine ehrlichiosis, and in some cases rocky mountain spotted fever, a disease that is also very dangers to humans. Your dogs should be examined closely for ticks on at least a weekly basis if it spends anytime at all outdoors.


Mites are microscopic parasites that burrow their way into the dog's body through the skin. All dogs normally have a small population of mites living on their body. However, a condition called Mange can develop if your dog's immune system is not working properly. If you see your dog is losing hair and patches of bare skin are visible, you need to have it checked thoroughly by a vet. A lot of diseases can cause hair loss, so it doesn't necessarily mean your pet has Mange. But only a vet can tell for sure.

Severe scratching is another sign to watch out for. If your dog scratches a lot, you need to have it checked. Also, as the mite population gets out of control, your dog may take on a strange athlete's foot-like odor.

Ivermectin, a commonly used de-wormer is the most common treatment for Mange. The medication is usually administered orally, but it can be injected under the skin. In sever cases, your vet will usually institute a regimen of medicated shampoo treatments.

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Garry Neale is and avid dog enthusiast and creator of the popular e-book, "The Dog Lovers Guide", a FREE dog owners handbook you can download at no cost from his Dog Lover Website.

Keeping Your Pet Safe from Fire
Baltimore Sun

Each year an estimated 500,000 pets are affected by home fires.

To help reduce that number, the National Volunteer Fire Council, American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services will hold a news conference in Greenbelt today to offer safety tips.

The event will feature a firefighter demonstrating a specially designed oxygen mask to resuscitate pets injured by smoke inhalation, and demonstrations of "how a free static window cling (aka 'pets inside' decal in the front window) can help firefighters better rescue pets during a fire."

There will also be a video shown from a pet owner who recently experienced a house fire and saved her pets, thanks to a home fire monitoring system. Two Italian Greyhounds will also be on hand to assist in the demonstration, the AKC says.

If all this sounds to you like an attempt to sell safety equipment, you're probably partly right. But it's also an attempt to keep dogs safer, and that's a trend we can't argue with.

Oxygen masks for pets, for example, are becoming standard equipment for firefighters, and animal advocacy groups, kennel clubs and pet-products suppliers are equipping departments all over the country with them. Not too long ago, we told you about a Howard county girl scout troop that did just that.

The masks were originally developed for use by veterinarians but have evolved into rescue tools over the past several years.

(Associated Press Photo: Maple, a mixed breed belonging to Vermont firefighter Will Berkovits, left, demonstrates an oxygen mask made for pets.)

150 Pet Carriers Stolen from Montgomery Humane Society
WSFA 12 News

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- What would someone need with 150 pet carriers?

That is a question the Montgomery County Humane Society is asking today after discovering the theft.

MCHS spokeswoman Lee Turbert confirms that around 100 cat carriers and 50 medium and large carries were stolen from the shelter at a value of nearly $10,000.

Turbert says the shelter is worried about why someone would need that many carriers or what they would do with them.

WSFA 12 News will have more on this story as it becomes available.

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Pill-Popping Pets
The New York Times

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House Cat Care
by Doris Canova

The best house cat care is extremely important to a kitten so that they can grow up to be healthy throughout the rest of their life. The best house cat care is one of the most important subjects for responsible and loving cat owners to be aware of. It involves prevention, understanding, and sometimes treatment of a possible life-threatening disease. The best house cat care is also affected by lack of exercise and poor diet. You can love your house cat into a state of being unhealthy without enough exercise and proper nutrition.

Talk to cat owners who may have an older cat. Ask them about cat health care for their older cat or consult your vet. What are the problems and what are the right foods and nutritional needs? That will fall under the term older cat care. If your cat does not receive the proper food and nutrition, they may have problems with their health. Talking about best house cat care health in advance will make it easier for everyone when the time comes.

Natural cat food is always a welcome one for all pet owners. There are brands of cat food that contains no chemicals and has lots of white meat and vegetables. The prices of these products will vary, but cat health is most important. A balanced diet of the correct protein and vitamins will be priced higher than the "store brand".

Heat and humidity degrade nutritional value, so do your best to buy fresh food. Once opened, for good cat health, his dry cat food should be stored in a sealed pet feeder container to preserve freshness.

Bad breath is an unhealthy sign of possible gum disease. Your cat should have strong white teeth without odor. The most popular opinion seems to lean toward dry cat food for best cat health care. It will give your cat strong gums, good healthy teeth, and that will give them clean breath.

As for soreness in your cat, heat is a good soother. Heated cat beds or a heated throw will give much relief to this painful complaint. Massage is often beneficial but should be administered with care. Your vet will give you complete direction as to how long to do it.

Allergies to fleas are another potential house cat problem. Symptoms of flea allergy include hair loss, redness, and sometimes sores known as hot spots. Fleas carry many diseases and can transmit these to your cat. Fleas carry the tapeworm cyst inside them and your cat's health could be in danger because during routine grooming he could swallow them. One way to help eliminate this problem and provide good house cat care, is to keep your cat indoors at all times. Not only with it help with a flea problem, but will prevent ticks as well.

We plan to post articles that are informative and helpful to other cat lovers. Having been "owned" by cat for years, we know they can be demanding, but also be very intertaining and fun. Please visit our site today for a wide array of products that will make "His Majesty" very happy - Best House Cat Care, or our blog for more information - Best House Cat Care.

About the Author
Having been "owned" by cats for many years, I have found them both demanding and obstinate, but also relaxing and fun to watch.

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How to Build a Koi Pond - Interesting Koi Facts
By Sarah Gold

Do you want to know how to build a koi pond? There are lots of information about building koi ponds online. Keep in mind, that these ponds have different requirements than regular water ponds. Before building a koi pond, it's essential to know some facts about them. Below you will find some interesting facts about these swimming jewels.

Koi are part of the carp family. They are colorful and elegant and look beautiful when they swoosh around in the water. They can grow to be quite big, approximately 3 feet long. Koi fish live an average of 30 years; though there have been cases of fish being more than 200 years old.

Koi fish originally come from Asia. The first fish were exported from Japan in the early 1950's, with the advent of commercial air travel. Koi fish are now bred across the globe and are gaining popularity all over the world. In fact, building koi ponds is the hottest thing to do if you have a garden. These fish do require a bigger pond than goldfish, though. Since koi fish can grow to be fairly big, their ponds should be at least 500-1000 gallons.

Koi can typically eat anything, and a lot of it! They generally consume the algae in ponds, so while you're researching on how to build a koi pond, it's important to find out about putting plants in the pond. In fact, some commercial enterprises like golf courses use koi for algae control. These beautiful fish enjoy variety in their diet. They can typically eat peeled oranges, lettuce, and pieces of bread. You can even hand feed koi fish. If you start hand feeding your fish, watch out, you can become addicted!

Koi are freshwater fish and can live in relatively cool temperatures, though they do thrive in warm water. Also, a koi fish pond should be kept away from direct sunlight, so build your pond in a shady area.

Koi fish are not as hardy as goldfish. But if the water is of good quality and you keep their stress level low, they should thrive. Remember, koi are fish, and as such are linked to their watery environment. Their health and development are a direct reflection of the water quality and your skill in maintaining them.

While you do your research on how to build a koi pond, read up on how to care for your fish. Enjoy your pond and more importantly, enjoy your koi fish!

Sara G. likes to write about her interests. Koi fish are one of the loves of her life! Her Squidoo lens offers lots of must-have koi facts! Finally, build the koi pond of your dreams! Benefit from other people's research and time!

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