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3 Popular Dog Breeds For Families
by Joseph M. Sabol

When you are planning to get a dog for your family, nothing beats having everyone pitch in when choosing which particular breed to get. For sure, your children and even your spouse would have a lot of suggestions, and these might be in terms of size and temperament. Choosing one particular dog breed just might become daunting on your part. Thus, it would be better to do some research on the popular family dog breeds that you just might want to get. Here are some of the popular breeds.
The Golden Retriever

This breed makes an excellent choice because this dog is very sociable and enjoys outdoor activities. If you are considering getting a Golden Retriever, then you should know this interesting fact about the breed. Back in the day, the Golden Retriever was actually trained to retrieve birds whenever hunters would go on expeditions. However, it did not take too long for the hunters to observe that the breed was more of a family companion rather than a hunting companion. Thus, it soon became one of the popular family dog breeds. One major downside of the Golden Retriever, however, is its fur. Its fur has to have serious maintenance to keep it healthy so this would require brushing daily. Much fur would also be shed, which is not too good for families who have asthmatic members.

The West Highland Terrier

More popularly known as the Westie, this small terrier is very playful. Because of its playful nature, dog owners would have to be ready to do some exercises with the dog, just to keep it active and happy. Westies are very loyal to their owners and they also make great watchdogs. However, because of its small size, younger children could somehow mistreat it quite a bit. Thus, it would be better to get this small dog if the children in the house are a bit older already. Much like the Golden Retriever, the Westie also needs to be groomed so that his coat is maintained free from tangles.

The Cairn Terrier

This is still a little dog, much like its cousin, the Westie. The Cairn Terrier likes to be with a lot of people and needs a lot of exercise to stay happy as well. You have a lot of choices when it comes to color with the Cairn Terrier because this breed comes in the following colors: cream, red, grey, sandy, wheaten, and even in combinations of these colors.

These are just some of the popular dog breeds you should consider. For more information on the other breeds, do not hesitate to contact your local vet. Vets are the most qualified people who can share valuable information about all dog breeds in the market.

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Time to Walk the Dog!
by Jennifer H

Popping up all over the metroplex are dog parks that are a fun and safe way for you and your dog to enjoy a park. As these dog parks continue to draw large crowds, cities are finally getting the hint and creating these fun environments for pets and their parents.

Before going to an "off the leash" park, check out their websites for the "Do's and Don'ts". Always be respectful and pick up after your pet and obey all the rules to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. And don't worry, these dog parks have two sections, one for large dogs and one for small dogs- so they can pick on someone their own size!

In Euless, near the airport, there is a brand new dog area called Villages of Bear Creek Dog Park, [where:1951 Bear Creek Pkwy, Euless, TX 76039]. It is a 3 acre park with benches so you can sit and enjoy all the activity. In walking distance from many apartment complexes in the Bear Creek area, many local residents are enjoying this new area of an already beautiful park.

One of the most popular dog hang outs is Fort Woof Dog Park in East Forth Worth, [where: 750 Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76111] where many events and activities are held for animal lovers. Whether it's a costume contest or breed club parties, the dogs have fun and it's a great way to meet other animal enthusiasts.

The Paw Pals Dog Park in Grand Prairie [where: 2222 W Warrior Trail, Grand Prairie, TX 75052] has a great sense of humor with their motto: All Dogs Welcome, Children Must Be On a Leash. Their website also offers great tips and guidelines if your not sure your dog is ready to go an off the leash park.

So if you are tired of throwing the ball down the hall or trying to find new ways to entertain and exercise your dog, grab the leash and check out your local dog park!

About the Author
As a 14 year airline employee, Jennifer enjoys traveling all over the world to explore exciting places and local cuisine. (She's been known to base entire European trips on cheese!) At home, Jennifer enjoys reading, cooking, tending to her vegetable garden and hanging out with her three dogs and three cats.

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An 'Angel' of a Pit Bull Saves Lives of Tabby Kittens
LA Unleashed

Here's a story for all the defenders of the pit bull:

A 2-year-old female boxer/pit bull mix named Angel, which had been turned over to the Nevada Humane Society’s shelter in Reno, is credited with rescuing six abandoned kittens Monday, according to Diane Blankenburg, a shelter spokeswoman.

While Angel was on a walk with a pair of volunteers, Frank Gomez and 9-year-old stepson Joel Fontes (pictured below with Angel), the dog became obsessed with something in the bushes.

With temperatures in the 90s on Monday, the two volunteers tried to initially coax the dog away from the bush.

But when Angel refused to move on, Gomez investigated and discovered a box full of 3-week-old orange tabby kittens that were frightened and hungry.

One of the abandoned kittens escaped before shelter staff was summoned to the scene, but Angel tracked it down and Gomez handed it over to safety.

Angel is up for adoption but the kittens won't be available for about four to five weeks, Blankenburg said.

Pit bulls are chronically challenging to adopt out because of their reputation as aggressive, violent dogs, so Blankenburg said she hoped Angel's story might help remove the stigma often associated with the breed.

"Angel is a sweet, playful dog who can now add hero to her repertoire," Blankenburg said. "Angel, herself a rescued dog, has paid back six-fold by rescuing these six little abandoned kittens."

--Francisco Vara-Orta

Pet Death During Traffic Stop Has Officer in the Dog House
By ROGER CROTEAU - San Antonio Express-News

SAN MARCOS — The San Marcos police chief has reprimanded an officer who drew brickbats from around the nation for delaying two college students as they tried to rush their dying dog to a veterinarian this month.

Officer Paul Stephens, who said, “It's just a dog,” as he held the pair beside Interstate 35, received an oral reprimand and counseling, Police Chief Howard Williams said Tuesday.

“We sustained the complaint that was filed,” Williams said. “We made him watch the tape with his supervisor and he was counseled on how to improve his performance.”

But Williams said he believed his officer's assessment that the dog was not alive when he pulled over Michael Gonzales for going 95 mph on the highway after midnight Aug. 5.

Gonzales and his girlfriend Krystal Hernandez, both Texas State University students, were rushing their teacup poodle, Missy, from San Marcos to an all-night vet clinic in New Braunfels after the dog choked on her food and went limp.

The couple pleaded with Stephens to allow them to get the dog to the clinic and then turn themselves in later, or to let Gonzales stay and get his speeding ticket while Hernandez completed the trip alone. Instead, they were kept at the scene for almost 20 minutes waiting for Stephens to issue the ticket as he chatted with two other officers who arrived.

The students say the dog died while they waited.

At one point, the patrol car's dashboard camera showed Stephens telling a distraught Gonzales: “It's just a dog. You can buy another one. Relax.”

Gonzales said Tuesday he thought an oral reprimand was not sufficient.

“That's not really a punishment at all,” he said. “I don't feel a person like that should be working in law enforcement.”

Gonzales said he was surprised and gratified by the outpouring of support he has gotten from pet lovers. The story has aired nationally on “Good Morning America” and “Inside Edition.”

Two Internet petitions demanding Stephens be fired, both launched Monday afternoon, collected more than 300 signatures in a day. And a YouTube clip of the “Good Morning America” segment has been watched more than 1,500 times and collected dozens of comments, some wishing a similar fate for Stephens as the one that befell Missy.

“I'm glad people understand that it's not just a dog, it's a member of the family,” Hernandez said.

Williams said Stephens was right to stop the speeding car and said the dashboard camera shows Gonzales was clearly too upset to drive safely. But the officer should have tried to calm him down; by showing no sympathy, he made Gonzales more upset, not less, the chief said.

He denied Stephens' actions led to Missy's death.

“This dog was already dead,” Williams said. “That is one of the reasons the officers showed no urgency. Nothing the officers did or said caused this dog to die.”

Hernandez said Missy was still breathing as they waited for the ticket to be written. Gonzales has not decided whether to pursue a lawsuit against the department.


Bottled Water Can Be the Right Tonic for Cats
Washington Post

Dear Dr. Fox:

I have an 8-year-old female cat that had bladder infections. I tried diet and litter-brand changes. I then tried bottled spring water. Our city water is high in phosphorus, chlorine, fluoride and lime.

My cat has had only one bladder infection since, and that was because of my husband's forgetfulness. He had given her tap water.

I have four cats, and one bottle of spring water per day hydrates them well. It's a small price to pay for their health.


Maple Grove, Minn.

Thanks for confirming what I have long advocated, especially for cats: pure water.

The alternative is to install a reverse-osmosis water-purification system. Bottled "spring" water is not always what it's cracked up to be, and plastic bottles leach toxic chemicals (such as bisphenols) into the water.

Good quality water is especially important for cats because, being originally desert-dwelling animals, they concentrate their urine to conserve water and do not have a well-developed thirst mechanism. That means that if they do not drink much to flush out their systems, harmful chemicals can accumulate in body tissues and cause chronic-bladder inflammation (all aggravated when cats are fed dry food exclusively).

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A lot of companies send me pet products hoping I’ll write about them. Some are pretty weird, some are just plain bad. Some get a big paws up from our furry testers. Here’s one that recently passed the test: Pure Delights cat treats from Wellness.

Cats can get finicky, but some of our testers, who normally turn their kitty noses up at all treats, scarfed these down.

They’re only about 1 calorie each and contain no meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Pure Delights are 90 percent meat. A 3-ounce bag costs $4.99 (OK, it’s not cheap) at Petco and other stores.

So what treats do your cats like? Do you try new treats like these when you see them?

Pet Could Be a Good Idea for an Older Person
by William Arnold - Arizona Central Pets

There might not be a better time to adopt that special dog or cat than right now.

"With bad economic times and home foreclosures, we are being inundated with pets," said Pat Keasler, who volunteers for Animals Benefit Club of Arizona Inc.
Meanwhile, financial donations to this Phoenix-based, no-kill facility are dramatically down, according to board member Andrea Jeffress.

Perhaps an older relative could use a companion. For those who are older, a pet can become a family member when children leave the family home. A dog or a cat can be a companion when one has lost a spouse. And studies have shown that having a pet can lower stress or depression levels, and reduce loneliness.

Keasler said of her two dogs: "They are more than just companions, they are family members. Other than my family, my pets are my first love."

Another health-related finding, reported last January at the American Stroke Association's International Conference, found that people who do not own cats have a 40 percent higher risk of dying from a myocardial infarction (heart attacks and strokes) than people who have made a feline a part of their lives.

Dogs and other pets did not seem to offer the same benefit; perhaps because cats are easier to care for and do not require as much attention as dogs.

What are some of the things to consider before giving a pet to an older friend or relative?

First, ask if that person is interested in having one and can meet the needs of the animal.

Surprising a loved one with a dog could lead to that dog winding up in a shelter.

Then determine what kind of pet would be best. Smaller dogs or cats, instead of exotics and birds that need special diets, are recommended. Cats are the easiest, since they can remain indoors and do not require housetraining.

A trial relationship might be a good idea. The Animals Benefit Club will do its best to match an owner with a pet. It also allows for that pet to be returned if it's not a good match.

Also consider the age of the prospective pet owner. Giving a person in his or her late 70s a kitten might seem a good idea, but a well-cared for cat might live 20 years. Who takes the pet when that person dies?

Why Cats Should Stay Inside
by Shannon Hutcheson

Cats are some of the best pets imaginable. Far more independent than dogs, they still enjoy human company and are an endless source of entertainment and comfort. As a cat owner, one of the things you will definitely want to avoid is letting your cat go outside. It's a big, dangerous world for felines and there are many reasons why your cat should stay indoors where he will be safe and sound.
Here are just a few of the reasons why it's not safe for your cat to head out into the great outdoors.

1. Physical dangers. There are many things that can happen to an unsuspecting cat, especially one who has been indoors his entire life. Busy streets, larger animals, and other dangers make taking a stroll a potentially deadly adventure for your cat.

2. Parasites and insects. You can save yourself a fortune on vet fees by keeping your cat indoors. Even just a few minutes outside can result in ticks, fleas and intestinal parasites that can cause disease and require a visit to the vet, as well as expensive medications and treatments.

3. Responsibility. When you took your cat home with you, there was responsibility taken. Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years. They need their humans for comfort, food and security.

4. Disease. Sadly, there are a lot of nasty illnesses that could affect your cat. From feline AIDS to rabies, there are many, many things your cat could be infected with, simply by coming into contact with other animals outside. Some of these can be treated, of course, but not all of them are curable and most pet owners don't want to put their cat through the suffering of a debilitating disease.

5. Animal control. Even a cat who has owners can end up being picked up by animal control and taken in. This can happen for a number of reasons . . . perhaps the cat was lost or injured and someone rescued it and called animal control, or it might simply be a routine sweep for animals without ID collars.

6. Human problems. It can be dangerous not only to cats, but also to humans to let your cat out. When a cat dashes across the street in front of a car, the driver usually swerves to miss. This is a huge cause of car accidents, trying to avoid hitting an animal on the road.

But It's Natural!

Many people feel that cats, even pedigree cats, should really be allowed outside. It's the natural way of things, after all. But when that natural way means your cat faces death every time he steps out the door, it's your responsibility to keep him indoors and safe.

You wouldn't let your children play in traffic or leave your toddler to play alone outside, so why should your cat be left to his own devices. Cats are no longer able to care for themselves and protect themselves as they may have been thousands of years ago when they were still feral. These days, they need to be indoors, away from the perils and it is well worth it to protect your feline friends.

What may seem natural to some is simply dangerous. The fact that cats still hunt mice and stalk birds doesn't mean that they are capable of living in the wild successfully anymore. The hunting instinct remains intact, but the practical use of it does not.

The simple fact of the matter is that it's dangerous for your pedigreed cat to be outdoors. There are too many bad things that could happen and you would forever blame yourself. Why let your cats suffer? Keep them inside.

About the Author
Shannon Hutcheson runs, a cat breeder's community and resource site for cat breeders and cat fanciers around the world. When looking for information on cat breeder resources, visit Cattery Index Magazine online.


An Overview of The Yorkie
by Robert Jackson

The addition of a Yorkie to your household is a great decision, however with it comes with an added baggage of responsibility. Most people have the opinion that dogs make them feel better, laugh a lot, and in general, brighten up a home. Plus, they are can make great watchdogs, leaving you feeling much safer in your house.
The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie for short, is one of those dog breeds that can cheer up a dull day.

It was during the middle of the 19th century that the Yorkie, which was a breed of a small, spirited, toy dog originated and developed in the city of Yorkshire in England.

The Yorkie stands at an average of 9 inches (22.8cm) at the shoulder and can weigh anything from 4 to 7 lb. It has a coat that is straight, long and glossy. It is also textured finely and can be either tan or dark blue in color. Though the Yorkie is a result of mixed breeding, it is a matter of speculation as to what dogs were used as the host or parents. This is because almost no records have been maintained in the areas around Yorkshire or Yorkshire itself, where it is supposed to have originated from. In fact, Yorkshire contained many terrier and toy breeds that would have possibly used for the purpose of cross breeding. However, the widely accepted fact is that the Yorkie is a representation of the bred down issue of crosses among the Manchester terrier and Skye terrier. The most important thing to remember before bringing a Yorkie into your home is to be familiar with all the dimensions involved in the acquisition and ownership of the dog, from finding the right trainer to train your Yorkie, to their potty training, and much more. The first criteria would be the budget. Some Yorkies can be upwards of one thousand dollars. However, look in the paper and ask around, and chances are you will find great deals on many loving Yorkies.

Yorkies, especially before being specifically house trained, need plenty of attention and time. Responsibility of a Yorkie at home includes waking up in the wee hours of the morning, or even midnight at times, just to ensure that your dog gets outside on time. Walks are important for any dog and a Yorkie is no exception. Walking and playing with the dog ensures its daily dose of exercise, and will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. As soon as the pet has its first shots, licensing tags will be issued by the veterinarian. However, in the meantime cute, and lightweight tags can be ordered through the internet, or found at your local pet store. Name tags should include the puppy's name, the owner’s address, and phone number. It is a small price to pay for knowing that your Yorkie will have your information on them.

These terriers live a long life. They are known to live for up to fifteen or more years. They are a very healthy breed, and have few serious health conditions. The veterinarian will always brief a Yorkie owner on the ways to ensure its good health. They adapt quite easily to new environments and need a lot of attention and love from their human owners. They enjoy interaction with people and are constantly trying to do so on a regular basis. Therefore, Yorkies are definitely worth every ounce of love and effort that we give them, as they will respond with a great deal of faithfulness and companionship. Yorkshire Terriers are truly unique animals. Although they are quite small in size, their personalities are big.

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Cleaning Cat Urine Off Your Floor: 3 Best Cat Urine Removers
by Katherin Towers

Our cats may be the most loveable creatures in the world, but cleaning cat urine off the floor is still a major chore. You not only need to remove the cat urine, you also need to remove the odor. Otherwise, your cats will smell the remnants of the urine and pee there again. To effectively remove cat urine odor, you need to kill the bacteria, which is the main cause of the smell.
One of the best cat urine removers is Natures Miracle. This is an enzyme cleaner - you can buy it from places like Target, WalMart or Petsmart. It is a concentrated liquid, and comes in a white bottle with a red cap. The instructions on the bottle are pretty easy to follow. Not only does it clean cat urine from your floors, it can even remove them from carpets and fabrics. This stuff can be a bit expensive, so you might want to get a blacklight to use with it. Turn on the blacklight in the dark, and it will make the spots with cat pee shine yellow or green. Then you can just use the Natures Miracle on those spots, without washing the entire floor or carpet.

Any commercial enzymatic cleaner will probably work as a cat urine remover - it does not have to be Natures Miracle. The only thing is, enzymatic cleaners can be a bit finicky. Not all of them work on all types of stains. You have to make sure to get a brand which works for cat urine removal. So the best place to buy some is probably your local pet shop. Look at where they sell the litter for cats. Better yet, ask the sales staff where they keep the enzyme cleaners for cleaning cat urine.

Another good way of cleaning cat urine and its odor is to use a steam cleaner. Friends have gotten good results with the Polti Vaporetto which uses steam to disinfect and remove dirt. This steam is also very effective at killing the bacteria in the cat pee, and works on both your floor and carpets. The Polti is on the expensive side, though. Something cheaper like the Light and Easy steam mop works almost as well, for a fraction of the price.

If you are on a tight budget, you can soak the spot where your cat peed with strong disinfectants like Dettol or Listerine. You may need to repeat this a few times to remove all the smell. Pouring boiling water over the spot can also work - you just need to be careful. Some types of bleach can kill bacteria, and should also do the trick. But you want to check the ingredients list before you use it. Make sure it does not contain ammonia, otherwise it will just attract your cats to pee there again.

So, here are the three best ways for cleaning cat urine off your floor: 1) enzymatic cleaners like Natures Miracle; 2) Steam cleaners; 3) Any strong disinfectant (like what they use in hospitals).

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