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Understanding Pet Astrology
by Nikky Hughes

While the concept of pet astrology may seem odd to many people, there are many people who believe that the date of birth of your pet, related to astrological signs of the planets, the sun, and the stars, have a significant impact on the basic behavior and mood of their pets. There are particular character behaviors that are associated with each zodiac sign for pets. These include all of the following:

Aries: Aries pets are known to be very active and also hypersensitive to the environment around them.

Taurus: Taurus pets seem to have a passive nature normally, but if they are ever caught in a fight where they need to defend themselves or family members, they will not give up a fight.

Gemini: Gemini pets tend to be extremely intelligent, so they are usually very easy to train. But their intelligence also means that they can require a lot of attention, and always need to be in the company of their owners.

Cancer: Cancer pets are extremely sensitive. Because of this, when they get attached to a person, they are loyal to that person for life.

Leo: Leo pets tend to be very independent and almost always end up leading the pack. These pets will be more difficult to train, as they won’t want you to take the role of leader. Be persistent, and the Leo pet will eventually succumb.

Virgo: Virgo pets have a multitude of wonderful characteristics and behaviors that make them perfect human companions.

Libra: Libra pets tend to be extremely easygoing. This means they will make fantastic family pets for families that aren’t very active. Unfortunately this also means that Libra pets are typically somewhat lazy and eventually get overweight without being forced to exercise.

Scorpio: Scorpio pets are extremely possessive of their owners. While this typically makes for an extremely loyal pet, it can also become a problem if the pet believes their owner is being attacked and they aren’t. They can be overprotective at times.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius pets make great pets because they are both fun loving and very intelligent. However, their energy level can be difficult for families that aren’t used to active pets.

Capricorn: Capricorn pets tend to remain very young at heart, and remain very playful even into their old age.

Aquarius: Aquarius pets are extremely intelligent, but for some reason that intelligence can come across as a level of stubbornness that makes them appear ill-tempered and sometimes difficult to handle.

Pisces: Pisces pets are very introverted and extremely gentle. However, their sensitivity means that they can easily sense the moods of their owners. This pet is perfect for people who are naturally calm, but not so good for people who can be very emotional.

The family section of features a great section on pet astrology that lets you select your pets sign from a drop down list in order to get a detailed description of the personality of your pet, how to manage their personality and traits, and how to care for them while taking into account the natural inclinations that are a part of their personality because of their astrological sign.

This website also features fun quizzes, such as “What kind of dog would you be?” or “Are you a cat or dog person?” Additionally, you can find a “pet grid”, which rates several personality traits including “affectionate”, “energetic”, “friendly”, and “loyal” on a scale of 1 to 3 for each zodiac sign. This grid helps you to determine which traits your particular pet is likely to have. There is also a chart that helps you to determine what sign your pet is based on their birth date.

Express Your Pet’s Sign With a Portrait

When you fully educate yourself regarding your pet’s zodiac sign, it may be something that makes you very proud of your pet. You may wish to commemorate your pet and his or her zodiac sign through a painted pet portrait utilizing an astrology theme that integrates the pet’s zodiac sign.

Pet portraits are very popular and sweeping the country. Nikky Hughes, of Los Angeles, offers amazing pet portraits that utilize unique backgrounds and themes. She is always happy to do portraits on request, and a pet’s zodiac sign would easily fit into the creative and witty existing portfolio of pet portraits that are displayed at her website.

Nikky was classically trained at the Mission Renaissance art school, and she focuses on capturing not only the beauty, but the unique character of each animal. Pet astrology can provide a great deal of insight into the behaviors of your pet, but it also brings great pride in knowing how your pet fits into the cosmological universe. Feature your cat in a beautiful painted portrait that incorporates the zodiac, and you have an astrological masterpiece that will last a lifetime.


Take Picture of Your Pet With A Lot of Patience
by Allison Ayson

Taking pet picture is a big challenge to all and most of the owners of pet pictures that you can see on the internet usually have their own stories how hard it is taking picture of their pet. It is really feel good having a picture of your pet in the internet. Do brag how a pet looks like and how they are well taken care of.
As mention above it is hard to take picture of a pet, especially for pets that are active and always on the move. You might have a lot of picture of different part of your dog; you might have a collection of your dog's butt, tail, feet or ears. It is like a picture puzzle that once you arrange it you will have a big picture puzzle of your pet.

In taking picture of a pet need a lot of patience and strategy. You need to understand that pets do have moods and need to know that pet don't have brains just like what we have. You can't tell your pet to stay still on one position if they are not really trained to do such command. They are not like models that you can instruct what to do and what position they need to have in posing on the camera.

Before you think to take picture of your pet, you should study first the behavior of your pet and observe the things that they usually do. Try to have at least an hour a day to observe the activities and their routines. Usually they have a favorite spot where they want to sleep, play and eat. Take note of those places and observe the routines. If you are patient enough you can train them to do some tricks and if you don't have any idea how, ask some expert in teaching your pet to perform different tricks.

If you see that your pet is ready to face the camera, prepare your things and props in taking picture. Set up a place where you want to conduct the pictorial. You can ask assistance to one of the member of the family and make sure that your pet is comfortable to that person. Burt again, before taking pictures of your pet makes sure that they are in the mood to do it. Always ready your camera because you may never know when would be the right time to push that button.

When you have a good shot don't hesitate to take a picture on your pet. A good camera with a high shutter end is better in taking picture of a moving subject. This is good so that the output of the pictures is not blurred. A camera with burst shot is also good so you won't miss any good angle and position of your pet.

Allison Ayson
Dog Pictures

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Mastering the Art of Pet Grooming
by David Hensley

Pet lovers always consider their pets as important family members and hence they want their pets to be well groomed and clean. You have many grooming services available for your pet. When your pet is not groomed regularly, pets' hair and dander causes allergies to humans. Pet grooming during winter and fall seasons is very important, as you will be restricted to your residence for a longer period. A regular pet-grooming program ensures good health for your pet.

One of the common pets grooming service is regular bath to your pets. As a pet owner, you should show great care for bathing your lovely pet. Before making your pet ready for bath you have to collect all your pets’ bath supplies like shampoo, bucket, hair dryer and towel for grooming after bath. Bathing provides them comfortable and warm temperature. Bathtubs will be easy for pets to take bath and you can splash water all over its body. Washing your pets can be done with a hose along with sprayer and you can rub over smoothly with your hand. Pets will love this. There are pet grooming gloves available that help in scrubbing your pet.

You can provide your pets light-handed massage during bath as most of the pets enjoy massage during bathing practice. Pet shampoos are available in different varieties like medicated shampoo, scented shampoo etc. You should choose the best shampoo that suits your pet and shampoo choice depends upon the climatic season. After shampoo, apply a conditioner so that it protects the pet's coat from allergens. Never use the shampoo and soap together for your pet as it may cause skin irritations and problems to them. You can get suggestions from pet grooming trainers for choosing the best bathing items that will be needed for your pet.

While washing the pets' body, brushing their teeth can also be done. After every bath you should rinse their paws and ears with a smooth towel to remove the extra moisture. For pet grooming, you can use hair dryers but the settings of the dryer should be medium for pets. To add more style to your pet, you can use hairbrush.

The following are the advantages you may attain with regular pet grooming:

Dead dander, hair and other debris will be removed when you thoroughly brush and wash your pet. This also helps to remove the odour from the pet's body. Regular brushing ensures increase in blood circulation in your pet because of massaging movements. Air circulation is increased and the skin is clean, free from allergies and diseases. Pet grooming aids in removing mites, ticks, fleas etc. and makes the coat shine with good health. By rubbing and massaging the pet you will know better of its comfort zones. While grooming, you can also feel and detect any lump or any unhealthy body condition in your pet that was not visible to your naked eyes.

You need to have a lot of patience while doing pet grooming, as it is a time consuming activity. Pet grooming gives you a chance of spending more time with your pet and creating a close bond between the pet and yourself. When the pet realizes the care you take for grooming it, the pet will feel more secured in your hands.


First Aid For Pets
by Debbie Foster

Do you have a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic in your vicinity? Do you know where it is? Many places don't have access to 24 hour pet health care, so what do you do if your cat starts choking? First aid classes for pets and pet first aid books are available through the Red Cross. Here are some basic first aid tips for pets.
Let's start with a simple cut on your pet's leg. Put direct pressure on the wound with a gauze pad. Next, take a roll of gauze and wrap it tightly around the leg. Make sure its not so tight it's cutting off circulation. Tie the end of the gauze in a knot with the knot on top of the wound area for additional pressure.

What about poisoning? If your pet has gotten into something toxic, the best thing to do is induce vomiting. When we use the word toxic, we tend to think of chemicals or medicines. But when we're talking about animals, there's much more to consider as toxic. Things like garlic, chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins and even coffee grounds can be toxic. Always have these items stored away safely.

Do you know how to give CPR to your dog or cat? The process is similar to that for humans but with a few differences. For medium to large dogs you lay the dog on its right side. Look for signs of breathing by the chest moving. Check for a pulse on the femoral artery of the rear legs. If there's no breathing, blow into the nostrils and then give three compressions pushing in two to three inches, then another breath. Repeat if necessary. For cats and small dogs you blow one breath into the nostrils and compress both sides of the chest in about one-half inch five times. Then repeat, if necessary.

Knowing these basic first aid steps for your pet might one day save their life. For further information on first aid for your pet, call your local Red Cross.

About the Author
An animal lover and advocate, Debbie Foster owns where you'll find a wide selection of quality pet beds, dog crates, dog carriers, dog pens, cat beds, cat carriers, large dog beds, pet strollers and more.


Walking Your Cat - Stay Alert!
by Jeanette Barron

No matter how well your cat is walking on a leash never let your guard down, especially if your cat has been a strictly indoors cat. There will be sounds that are new to them. There will be experiences they've never had to deal with before. Doesn't matter how laid back your cat was inside the house, don't assume that she will take the great outdoors in stride.
Be sure that your cat is wearing the most secure harness you can find and afford and that you are always holding the leash securely. The last thing you need when your cat is panicked is to have the harness come off, or the leash slip out of your hand, and your cat running madly and blindly out into the street.

These are three experiences I've had with my cat outdoors.

1. New (to them) Sounds
Until my cat went outside I had no idea that she would be panic struck at the sound of the ice cream truck - not the van itself - but the music that it played. At first I didn't know what it was that was terrifying her. Only when the music got louder and she became more frenzied did I realize. Even when she is just in the backyard she can hear the jingle from a couple of blocks away and will immediately start running, trying to find a place to hide.
After that first experience of trying to hold a frightened, struggling cat and getting thoroughly scratched, we learned not to go walking when its ice cream truck time.
The truck comes around about the same time every day so we can avoid this problem, but there are the out of the ordinary sounds.

2. Unusual Sounds
One day my cat was in the backyard on her long leash, enjoying the sunshine, when one of those big hot-air advertising balloons came overhead. Not for the first time, but this time it let out air or gas or whatever they use that makes a loud whooshing sound. My cat froze in place, her eyes widened and bulged and she peed on the spot. When it made the sound again, she started to run, making a horrible wailing sound, peeing the whole time.
Luckily, being in the yard she could run into the house. If we had been out on the street I would have been scratched, bitten, and peed on. And there is really no way to predict when or if this is going to happen.

3. Dogs Running Loose
My cat lives with dogs. Meeting a dog on the street that's on a leash doesn't bother her at all. She will either ignore it or sometimes (rarely) go up to say hello. But an unleashed dog, galloping up to her - even if he's friendly - has her back hairs up, hissing, spitting, with claws fully extended. The only thing I can do is try to keep the dog from getting close enough for a fight (not easy), and hope that its owner is close by and will call it away.
Twice in the past year we have been confronted with this situation. The first time the dog decided it had better things to do than tangle with a cat and left on its own. The second time the owners realized their gate was open, the dog was gone, and they came out to call him home.

My cat has been going for walks for many years now; loves her walks; demands to have a walk everyday. But experience has taught me to keep a close eye on what happening around us, and to always be monitoring her reactions. Never assume you know how your cat will react in new situations. They always manage to surprise you.

About the Author
I live with 5 cats and 2 dogs. Two of the cats are mine. Both of my cats are leash and harness trained. The oldest has been trained for 7 years and loves going for walks. The youngest is still in training and he only gets to walk around the backyard.
My Cat Leash & Harness Training Website:
My Blog about Cats - articles, tips etc.

A Pet Door Makes Your Life Easier
by Larry Volwiler

Coming home from the office with a day full of accomplishments makes you want to rest in a comfy couch as a reward for job well done. Upon entering your house you see a pile of pet waste in your expensive Persian carpet and more than a hundred deep scratches in your white door’s paint job. If you’re having a problem with your pet being unattended in your house then you might want to consider buying a pet door and an invisible fence which will enable your dog to go outside whenever he need to, while an invisible fence will ensure he won't leave your yard. Pet doors give your pet a sense of freedom to roam around your house and in the backyard. Not to mention the damage that dogs can do when they are being restricted from getting out. When buying a pet door you should consider the following:

The Size of Your Pet: To get the right size pet door for your pet measure their height and width. Don’t forget to consider your pet’s breed; if it is a large breed dog then choose a pet door that your dog can fit through even after it becomes an adult, same goes for cats in buying a cat door.

Thickness of the Pet Door: Aside from the measurement of your pet, you also need to know the thickness of the door or wall frame where your pet door will be installed, so you can get the right pet door that will best suit your pet. Quality pet doors and cat doors always come with an instruction manual and by following it you can install your pet door perfectly.

Types of Pet Door:

Metal Pet Doors: These pet doors are heavier which makes them more stable and protective.

Plastic Pet Doors: These pet doors are the least expensive and least sturdy. These pet doors are best when used with smaller breeds.

Magnetic Pet Doors: Use magnets to open the pet door. This is done through magnet attach to your pet’s collar, thus restricting other animals from entering your house.

Electronic and Infrared Pet Doors: Electronic and infrared pet doors will give your pet freedom while restricting other animals from entering your house. They automatically unbolt when your dog or cat approaches through an infrared or magnetic key that is attached to your pet's collar. Infrared Pet Doors are considered one of the most reliable pet doors. It is designed to open through an infrared signal triggered by the collar worn by the pet. Unlike magnetic pet doors, infrared pet doors use a programmed code which specifically made only for your pet’s collar and the pet door. With an infrared pet door no other pet can enter your house.

Sliding Glass Pet Doors: Also known as Patio Panel Pet Doors are by far the most convenient pet door to install. The top of the patio panel pet door is spring loaded so all you have to do is insert in in your patio door opening.

Extreme Weather Per Doors: If you live in a location with an extreme climate, you’ll love this door. This 3-flap pet door keeps extreme hot and cold weather out of your home while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. This well-designed door has a maximum energy efficiency that’s 3-½ times higher than our standard single-flap pet doors.With a pet door you can definitely increase your peace of mind while having fun with your pet.

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