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Dog Grooming
by Mark Breck

Dog grooming is a lavish salon designed for the comfort and safety of your pet. Dog grooming is more than a way to keep your dog's coat healthy and sleek. Dog grooming is not just a luxury for your canine companion, it is also a health requirement. Dog grooming is very vital because the physical appearance of your dog influences the way he feels and the way we look at him as well. Dog grooming is all that you need to turn your pet dog into a responsible member of the family.
Dogs who are regularly groomed tend to have a healthier and shinier coat because it stimulates the blood supply to the skin. Dogs with droop ears are especially susceptible to fungus, waxy ears, and ear mites. Dogs are different from human, they do not need to be bathed daily as this will irritate their skin which will lead to skin disease. Dogs like Poodles and Terriers have shorter hair that doesn’t need to be brushed often. Dogs with wiry coats, like Dachshunds, have more demanding grooming schedules. Dogs love to squeak the Wubba and shake the flapping tails back and forth.

Coat maintenance will include all the enrichment measures such as a proper bathing, combing, drying of coat by dryers and many more. Your pet's undercoat can become a dense mess of loose dead hair and be the major source of shedding. A good quality brush and comb will help you with your dog's coat, but also remember that your dog's eyes, ears, and nails require attention as well.

Professional groomers and trainers recommend beginning by stroking your pet's favorite spots, such as belly or ears. Professional Dog Grooming is both a skill and an art. Professional mobile groomers are in demand all over the country. Providing professional, state certified grooming services for all breeds and cats. Your pet can be happier and more comfortable when you, your veterinarian and professional groomers work together.

Many groomers are now using all-natural dog grooming supplies, as they don't contain harmful additives and dyes that may irritate your dog. You can find dog grooming supplies at most pet stores or online. If you're just starting to groom your dogs, you might want to talk to your vet about the best dog grooming supplies to use on your particular breed of dog. Grooming supplies include: dog shampoos, rinses, conditioners and supplements to clean and soften coats; Q-tips and cotton wool and oil to clean ears; toothbrush and tooth paste for cleaning teeth and eye wipes for eyes.

Skin conditions are one of the top three conditions suffered by dogs and cats. Skin cancer is the most common cancer among dogs, and putting a shirt on them to block harmful UV rays can help reduce their risk. The groomers can help monitor and treat skin problems with advice and medication you receive from your veterinarian. Dog hair is prone to attracting and holding on to grease and dirt which can have a bad effect on your dog's skin.

Clipping your dogs hair between the paws will prevent anything stuck (seeds from some grasses or pebbles) between the pads. Pet Stylists Responsibilities include: Bathe, brush and dry dogs Cleaning ears, clipping nails, and performing other needed services. ) Pet stylists will be required to pass a technical assessment. If your pet fidgets a lot during the clipping, offer treats and praises until he finally gets used to it. Dog grooming is the key to keeping your dog clean and in tip top shape. Dog grooming is an important aspect of owning a dog. Dog grooming is more than keeping the coat and skin clean and healthy, it also involves looking after the dog’s nails, teeth, eyes and ears. Dog grooming is as important to your pet as food is. Dog grooming is also essential not only on your pet's physical health but also his physiological and psychological well-being.

Article by: Mark Breck

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So You Have a Smart Pet?
by Kritthaphat N.

If you happen to be a Pomeranian owner, you would also know that you have a smart pet in your fold. Pomeranians are known to be one of the smartest breeds. With proper training and pet products, you will find yourself among the luckiest pet owners around.
Your pet is smart enough to recognize who is in control of the house. If you don't want to take that responsibility, your Pomeranian is more than willing to do it for you. So, you better take charge. If you do, you will find that you have earned the respect of your Pomeranian and he will love you more for this.

Aside from being smart, a Pomeranian is also full of energy and an extrovert. He loves to lie around around under the sun but don't be deceived since you must keep your Pomeranian indoor as the sun may do more damage than good to your fragile pet. A little walk with you under the right heat of the sun (the morning sun is best) is enough.

Protective by nature, you will find that your Pomeranian is always ready to defend you from the slightest provocation. He also thinks and believes that he is a big dog that can conquer others no matter how large their size is. Though, you must watch out for his incessant barking that can be sometimes irritating especially with his high-pitched barks.

Give him lots of training and for sure both of you will reap the benefits from it. Develop his inherent intelligence and give him lots and lots of toys. Boredom can come to intelligent breeds. Enjoy playing with your smart pet, and you will find that you have something to learn from him, too.

It is also essential to spend time with your pet. Grooming, keeping him healthy, training require extra time from you as a responsible owner. You can also provide him with the right pet products and furniture available in retail stores as part of your commitment and responsibility in providing the best environment possible.

Any pet owner will agree that they want the ideal relationship with their pets. Many would hire the best trainers to produce an educated smart pet that is well-behaved and well-trained. If you don't have the resources for such, this can pose a problem. But do you know that you can top even the best of the best trainers? All you need to do is to dedicate some time, show lots of love, and strengthen your commitment to your pet. Choosing the right products that will augment is an advantage.

A well-trained, well-groomed, healthy, and smart pet is a priceless jewel for any pet owner. When you decide to own one, you must also be ready to devote your time, effort, and energy in ensuring that you give your pet the life he deserves. In doing so, you're not only making your pet's life meaningful, but you're also adding significance to your own life.

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How to Find a Bird Paint That's Safe For Pets
by Delilah Jones

As bird lovers, there are a couple of things that you should bear in mind when you decide to redecorate your home, or that of your precious feathered friend. Apparently that 'canary in a coal mine' situation isn't the stuff of sayings and folklore. Well into the twentieth century coalmines did not have adequate ventilation systems. So miners in the UK and the United States would keep canaries in cages in the mines. These beautiful, little yellow birds are especially sensitive to methane and carbon monoxide -- so as long as the canary kept singing then the air was safe. A deceased canary signaled an immediate evacuation.
The canary in a coalmine story has strong implications for us bird lovers. All animals are sensitive to toxic fumes, but birds are the most sensitive of all and we need to consider how our actions can affect them.

One of the greatest threats to air quality in a home is the use of paint. Newly decorated walls can off-gas volatile organic compounds and toxins for up to six years after application. Therefore, although many people know to remove their birds when redecorating their home, even bringing the birds back in when that new paint smell has gone, may still not be enough to protect them from harmful toxins.

It is important also to remember this basic principal when repainting your bird's cage. Instead of using normal paint and going through the trouble of drying it and making sure that your bird doesn't scratch it and ingest flakes, you may want to look at bird safe paint. Odorless paint means that the paint doesn't contain any toxins or vocs. That new paint smell comes from the solvents that are used in paint to help the paint harden. No voc paint means that they don't contain any solvents and so are safe to use around your birds and are actually better for the environment too.

There are a couple zero voc paints on the market and some of them come in a wide variety of colors and different finishes -- always remember to read the label to ensure that the paint is actually completely toxin and voc free. Some paints call themselves low voc but actually contain high levels of the stuff that can be dangerous for your birds.

When you have found your bird paint there are a couple of things to bear in mind. Never paint the cage when the bird is in there. Better yet, move your bird to another room or out of the house and make sure that the room is well ventilated. However, if you are using a truly no voc paint then this should not be much of a problem, but all other paints are going to require heavy ventilation to protect your pet. Also make sure that they cage is properly covered without any collection of paint at the joints etc, as this can easily be picked off and ingested. And remember, don't bring your bird back into the room until that new paint smell has gone -- unless of course you are using odorless paint with zero vocs, and then you can paint away with your bird on your shoulder!

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Home Fish Aquariums Are Fulfilling For the Hobbyist But What Are the Cost ...
by Sam Noel

Home fish aquariums are fulfilling for the hobbyist but what are the cost of setting one up and maintaining it?
This article will tell you what are the essential things needed for buying a home aquarium with their approximate costs. There are several components needed in order to buy an aquarium.

A fish tank

If you are a beginner, then it is better that you go for a small size tanks. This is very important because you will be a starter. Even if you broke it, or if any other problem occurs to the tank because of your carelessness, this will not affect you too much, so go for a small tank of ordinary glass. If you are experienced, then go for a fibre glass, or any other good material, this will be prove more expensive.


Plants do not add up to the cost too much, if they are ordinary species, but if you go for very rare species, then it will cost you more. Plastic plants are more expensive than the live plants, but they do not help in the bacteria cycle, so it is advised to buy live plants for your fish tanks. Moreover they add up to the beauty of the aquarium. If you are a beginner, go for an ordinary species. You can then upgrade it to rare species when you get experienced.


Fishes, the main part must be given very much importance, as the aquarium will not be one without them. While buying fishes, you must be very careful; you must choose them according to your experience because only an experienced person will know how to handle each and every species. It’s better to go for a cheap and ordinary fish. As any loss will not cost you much. You can even go for an Arowana after you come to know everything about an aquarium and fishes.


Food habit is very important because this will decide the health of the fishes, and sometimes even the life of the fishes. It is good to go for flakes, for community fishes. At times, you can go for special food like brine shrimps, frozen dryworms, and other special food. Do not feed them more with the special food, as it will become a habitual food for the fishes, and if you want to spend less money, then you will not be able to afford the food. Special foods are costly, so better go for flakes and feed them twice a day. Filtration equipments The cost of the filtration equipments will vary with the types of filters you use. Each type of filter will have different method of filtering. Make sure you choose the correct one for your aquarium.

The most common filters include Canister filters Power filters Wet/dry filters Fluidized filters

There are three methods by which filtration will occur they are Biological filtration Chemical filtration Mechanical filtration

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Top Cat Secrets Revealed
by Mr. Hanline

If you love your cats the way I do, then you're going to want to know all the Secrets.How to communicate with your cat, quickly bonding with your cat or kitten and much more.
Cat's can be trained to do just about anything, and it's easy to bond with them in new, deeper ways if you know how. Cats are wonderful friends and companions and are a lot of fun to have around. Cats think very differently from dogs and once you understand how a cat thinks, then you are half way there.

Cat's are independent and affectionate by nature... understand what they are saying and you'll have a much happier, deeper relationship, a cats body language you ask?, Yes you can learn what your cat is trying to say. Cat body language explains what their ears mean about their emotions, what their different pupil dilation's mean and much more.

Before we worry about training our cat we need the proper training on how to train our cats in a way that is best for us and our kitty. Discover the secrets to keeping your cat happy, healthy and disease-free. Always remember that you can increase the relationship and coordination between you two through training

Why your cat's natural instincts play a crucial role in training and behavior modification.The best part is once you crack the code on their "outta control" behavior, training them to do what you want becomes easier than you ever imagined.You do this by respecting their natural instincts, instead of trying to stifle them, as most training methods teach.

Why some training methods you use in a single cat home must be applied differently with multi cats. Most people try to use dog training methods to train their cat and that is why most fail. Cat training is especially vital if you're having behavioral difficulties with your cat. Behavior problems in cats are not a rare occurrence and can happen with cats of all ages.

The truth is any cat's behavior can be changed. You can start correcting unwanted behavior in a matter of minutes instead of simply hoping things will get better soon.It's never too early or too late to work on your cat's behavior issues

Often, your cat's bad behavior comes from his innate curiosity. Sadly, most people don't know how to fix behavior problems and think their cat is "just born that way". Misbehavior from your cat often arises from being bored. So it is definitely far easier to reward your cat when you see it performing a right behavior.

With the right tools and a little patience, you can work through behavioral problems like shredding your furniture or missing the litter box. If a cat can be trained to use a litter tray then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot start potty training your cat to use a toilet.

The truth is, "toilet training" your cat doesn't have to be difficult at all. Before you start potty training your cat, you must make sure that it is using its litter tray every time it needs to do its business. Training a cat to use the toilet is becoming more common then you might realize.

Another helpful point in cat potty training is the fact that quite a few houses have two bathrooms, so try and 'reserve' one just for the cat during the training period and don't forget to leave the toilet lid up and the seat down.

Another tip, when you find your cat pulling out it's hair, we examine the means available to stop the pulling out hair, we find that there are two major approaches to this; through medication and through behavioral therapy. This behavior is triggered by negative feelings of stress, anger, anxiety, fear, and other stressful types of external stimuli.

As time goes, you will come to realize your cat's behavior triggers and such, thus forming your own personal communication. When armed with the very best strategies and advice, you deal with stressful behavior challenges without one ounce of humiliation or harm to you cat.

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