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Common Types of Pet Arthritis
By Jade A. Voldstrom

Even if you haven't exercised arthritis personally, you know it's painful, right? Well, your beloved pets can experience arthritis as well. And you might be surprised at how many types of arthritis they can suffer from. Here are some of the different types:

1. Inflammatory Arthritis
Typically as this type of Arthritis advances in a canine or feline, Osteoarthritis-type conditions happen more often. Besides contagious agents causing this type of Arthritis, experts are uncertain about the other causes.

2. Infectious Arthritis
This type of arthritis results in painful joints and the creature becoming crippled. Usually a joint's infection or trauma causes this type of Arthritis. Antibiotics are the best treatment for this illness.

3. Osteoarthritis
This type of pet arthritis advances slowly. It occurs as the cartilage of your canine or feline buddy begins to break down or becomes damaged. Results are inflammation, lower flexibility, and less mobility.

4. Osteochondrosis
When your beloved dog or cat acquires this type of pet arthritis, the state of the cartilage declines, creating a condition that is similar to Osteoarthritis. The result is that tissue in the joint becomes inflamed and painful. Experts believe that both genes and nutrition could influence an animal acquiring this type of Arthritis.

5. Rheumatoid Arthritis
The immune system of your animal attacks the joints, which can impact multiple joints simultaneously. This results in less mobility and inflammation.

6. Traumatic Arthritis
This type of pet arthritis involves any arthritis that results from trauma impacting the joints. Traumatic Arthritis is typically acute and oftentimes leads to Osteoarthritis.

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Jade Volstrom is an expert on pet arthritis and the director of PetPainReliefInfo.Com. She provides honest information and advice on matters like pet pain relief and more. For free tips on how to give your pet arthritis relief, check out the website today!

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5 Ways to Care For Your Dog's Eyes
By Brandon James

When it comes to caring for your dog or puppy, do not ignore proper eye care and safety. Some dog owners forget the little things when it comes to their dog's eye health and this can result in health problems in the future.

Below are a few dog eye-care pointers:

1. Many dog owners overlook the importance of guarding your dog's eyes from injury. I would advise that you be overly conscious of your dog's head when you are playing games that could injure their eyes. Some examples of games to beware of: kicking a ball around with your dog, playing fetch with a stick, or simply play-wrestling by using your hands.

2. Every morning, you want to examine your dog's eyes and wipe away any of that "morning crust" that builds up overnight. If this crust is left unchecked and builds up, your puppy can experience a very irritating and painful reaction. Use warm water and a soft cloth to wipe the eyes clean.

3. If your dog is of a breed that has very long hair, trim his hair carefully around his eyes. While some breeds are supposed to have long hair covering or overlapping the eyes, this can still cause irritation if the hair is constantly rubbing inside of the eyeball. Use your best judgment and try to err on the side of your dog's health as opposed to his appearance.

4. When bathing your dog, do not squirt shampoo or flea treatments on top of his head. Even if you are extremely careful, some of these liguids or chemicals might spray in his eyes. Gently rub the shampoo into your hand and then apply it carefully over your dog's scalp and surrounding face areas. This will avoid irritating your dog's eyes.

5. When driving with your dog, avoid the temptation to let him hang his head out of the window. I realize that it is a joy to watch your pet enjoying himself and having so much fun as you are driving along, but there have been many serious eye injuries, (and even the loss of an eye) due to a small pebble or rock hitting the dog's face. I'm sure that is not something you'd want to risk at all.

Keeping your dog's eyes health is important and following the steps above, along with other precautionary measures can ensure that your dog lives a healthy and hearty life as your best friend.

Brandon James is the main writer for, an educational resource for owners of blind dogs. When you visit, you'll also discover the helpful ebook: Living With A Blind Dog.

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Caring For a Goldfish in a Tropical Fish Tank
By Stephanie Ybarra

Having Goldfish can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As with any new hobby, especially one that involves living creatures, always consider the maintenance that will be involved. If you care for your tropical fish tank correctly, you will be sure to maintain happy and healthy Goldfish for many years. Goldfish have a life expectancy of five to ten years. If you do a first-rate job Of taking care of their fish aquarium, you should have fun, beautiful fish for a long time. Be sure to feed them appropriately and keep their water fresh and clear.

You shouldn't buy your fish until your have everything place first. If you are going to set gravel on the floor, you may want to put only a slim layer. This will make it easier to keep clean, as Goldfish tend to be messy. Make certain that you wash the gravel totally beforehand placing it in the floor of the aquarium. If you have some decorations, you should add them at this point. Make sure that you clean them well before putting them into the tropical fish tank. Also be certain that the goldfish have ample room to swim, as they are active fish. Provide them a place or two to hide, and that ought to do nicely.

Now that you have everything in place, you can add in the water. You will need to use a dechlorinator, as the chlorine in tap water is fatal to fish. When the fish aquarium is filled up, you can turn on the filter. Exchange it as often as recommended to keep your fish healthy. Goldfish live at room temperature, so you will not need a heater. They are quite comfortable in temperatures from 68 to 80 degrees. However, they should not be exposed to rapid temperature changes. You might wish to let the filter run in the new goldfish tank for a day or so to filter out any chemicals or dyes that might have been left on the gravel and decorations that you just added. Waiting to purchase new fish can be one of the hardest things about fish keeping!

You need to add fish slowly. Fish excrete ammonia. If you add too many fish at once to a new fish tank, the water will not be seasoned Sufficiently to dissipate it. As the water in your Goldfish tank ages, it builds up beneficial bacteria that turn hurtful chemicals excreted by the fish into harmless ones. However, this will take some time. Begin with a single fish. The nitrogen cycle will not begin until you add the fish, so running an empty tank for several days will not help. Since your tropical fish tank is brand new, you might want to consider making partial water changes of about 25 per cent of the total water volume every few days for the first week or so.

Gold fish food is very easy to find and is in almost every pet store. Make sure to buy some when you purchase your first fish. Feed only a small amount. Especially at first. Any uneaten food will sink to the floor and rot. Keep this to a least amount. Watch your fish the first few times that you feed them. Feed only as much as they will eat in two to three minutes twice a day, or as recommended on the Goldfish food label. Be especially cautious not to overfeed when the Goldfish aquarium is new. This will cause surplus build up of toxic chemicals and can kill your fish quickly.

As the water in your fish aquarium cycles through the nitrogen cycle, you may notice that is becomes very murky. This is a normal process and should clear up in a few days. Do not add any new fish until the water is crystal clear again. Clear water will show that the nitrogen cycle is working and that the toxic chemicals are being converted to good ones. Remember as the Goldfish grow larger they will need a bigger space. Don't overcrowd the aquarium if you would like to keep healthy fish. If you stick to this little guideline, you will be certain to have a healthy goldfish fish tank.

Having a Tropical Fish Tank can be one of the most rewarding and amazing hobbies especially when you add goldfish to it. Goldfish come in many colors and sizes and are very easy to keep, so having them in your aquarium will just make your tropical fish tank that that much more beautiful and rewarding.

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3 Fun Games to Play With Your Cat
By Christian Mahoney

In this busy day and age most people struggle to find time to do everything they want, and quite often spending time with the family cat is sacrificed for other things, such as TV and work. This is not only bad for your owner-cat relationship but also for your health and the health of your cat as pet owners who frequent with their pets are generally more healthy than non pet owners.

There are however some simple games that you can play with your cat that are fun for both of you, and don't require too much of your time.

3 Fun Games To Play With Your Cat

1) Cat's love to chase things, we all know this and know that they cannot help themselves. Using either a torch or preferably a laser pointer, start waving the light in front of your cat and watch them chase after it. You can run the light in circles, across the room, up the walls and the cats just love it. Whenever i pick up the laser pointer they get really excited and start purring, it's great fun and lets you bond with your cat.

2) Another chasing game that gives you some exercise as well is to get piece of string and move along with one end trailing behind you on the ground. Most cat's can't resist the urge to chase it and enjoy being able to pounce on it.

3) One game that younger cats enjoy is what i like to call hide and seek. Basically you hide behind something, get their attention, then duck back down and hide again. It's a bit like peek-a-boo with a small child but some cats enjoy it just as much.

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Top 6 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing
a New Puppy Dog
By Kate Brielle

Taking on the responsibility of bringing a dog into your house needs to be a thorough and carefully thought out decision. This responsibility of a living, thinking and caring animal who is willing to spend the rest of his life with you is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

A dog or puppy should never be purchased on a whim, it is always paramount to think long term when purchasing any animal that could be with you in 20 years and over. Therefore, you need to think thoroughly and take your time over the decision.

Let's look at some of the key responsibilities, which will be required of you in looking after your new puppy dog;

1. Are your home and surroundings suitable for a dog, will they be welcome?
If you do not own your own home, and you are tenant, do you have the blessing of the owner of the property to keep a dog on the premises?

2. Do you have sufficient time to spend with your dog?
Dogs and especially puppies require lots of time in your relationship to develop and require plenty of affection, play and constant learning. This is therefore, not a situation which can be rushed.

3, What other animals do you already have in your household?
How will the other animals react to the introduction of the new puppy? Have you considered any other animals, especially other dogs, and how they would react to the new resident?

4. Have you ever owned a dog previously?
Are you fully aware of the pressures on your time and your pocket? Dogs will hunt and kill prey which they will bring indoors to you with a proud look on her face. They will shed plenty of fir, they will bring in dirt and debris from the outside, are you house proud?

5. Are there any children in the house?
Significant consideration should be given to the presence of children in the household and the breed type of dog you are looking to purchase.

6. Do your personal finances support having a new dog?
There are significant costs over the term of a dog's life which need to be provided for. Vaccinations and emergency care and ongoing veterinary bills would accumulate into a significant amount over the dogs lifetime and additional expenses will include of course, dog foods collars, leads and general grooming.

All the above factors are very important when considering introducing a new animal into your home. However, the benefits that a dog will provide to you will far outweigh the costs. Dogs are lifelong friends and will be loyal and honest to you. However, you should only take on the responsibility of owning a new dog once you are satisfied you have the time, money, patience to care for a new dog appropriately.

Before you take the plunge and purchase your new puppy why not become fully accustomed to what is expected of you, Puppy Training Dogs would like to invite you to learn all about the fun and rewarding pleasures which are involved training your new puppy within the first few weeks of bringing him or her home. This unique technique, perfect for first time or experienced dog owners, has been developed specifically for puppies and has helped thousands of people housetrain their puppy successfully. Visit Puppy Training Dogs to obtain your free house training tips and to learn more.

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5 Simple Cost-Cutting Ways - Save Money
on Your Pets During This Economy Crisis
By Alexandra Vrugt matter what you call your pet, there is one thing that you can be sure of. At some point, your favorite animal creature will require some cash output on its behalf. During this economy crisis, pet owners everywhere are looking for opportunities for saving, cost-cutting, and getting the best possible deals.

With limited budgets, it's only natural for the average pet owner to start to take stock as to what they can do differently with regard to the amount of money that they spend on their pet, without making their pet's life completely miserable. Well, there are plenty of ways for pet owners to save and still make their little sweeties happy. Of course, this takes a little creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. Try these 5 simple strategies for saving:

Pet food should be bought in bulk in order to buy for cheap. The bigger the bag or package, the lower the per ounce or per pound cost. So, while those huge sacks of kibble may be great for helping you to physically build up muscle when trying to carry them off of the shelf, they are also helping your piggy bank to build up a little financial muscle of its own.

Stretch everything! When it comes to using certain pet "toiletries", you may be able to stretch out the use of some by using a little less than normal. This is one way to realize a significant long-term saving. Cost-conscious pet owners can try this for themselves with products like pet shampoo and kitty litter. To become a little more methodical with it, start measuring out exactly how much you want to use each time. This will allow you to gauge your usage better and could really curtail any unnecessary usage and waste.

Don't buy the name brand pet food. Check out the ingredients of the food that you use or select a generic brand of food when you first start with your pet. The ingredients and nutritional percentages should measure you very well to the national brands. But, you will save because the generic, or store-brand, pet food, and even other products, you can buy for cheap. So, before you pay for the high priced can of specialty food, do a little research on all of the money saving, cost-cutting alternatives. Never forget that most animals cannot read!

Groom your pet at home for a big cash save. Pet grooming is a big business, and for pet owners the expense of it can be burdensome. Before you jump right in with grooming your pet at home, do a little research by watching free pet grooming videos on a site like or Google. Ask your pet's vet for some advice. Buy for cheap the supplies that you will need. Remember, you are trying to save, so you may not want to buy the most expensive shears that are available. Keep your safety and your pet's safety in mind at all times. Grooming your pet yourself is probably not as hard as you may think, it just takes a little effort so that you can do it right and cheaply!

Use online resources for people giving away pets and pet supplies! Sites like Freecyle and Craigslist are the perfect place to find pet items from cages to pet toys to the pets themselves for free! Many times, if someone is relocating or can no longer care for a pet, they will list them on these websites. Instead of paying big money for a puppy or kitten, you can simply get one that has already been cared for as well as spayed or neutered for free. If the items are not 100% free, they will be so reasonable that you will be able to buy for cheap and save considerably over the retail price.

Pets don't have to turn your finances into a menagerie of trouble. With a little research, resourcefulness, and willingness to find alternatives your family can enjoy your pet and still enjoy saving, cost-cutting, and all of the great perks of having a few extra dollars in the bank!

Alexandra Vrugt, a recognized expert on saving money in daily life, has written many articles on how to manage on less. You can get free copy of her Ebook '15 Top Ways To Save Money' by visiting her website

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